About Time

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Perhaps it was reading the obituary of my next door neighbor who died on Thursday.

Perhaps it is the stress of the paper I am failing to write.

Perhaps it's the fight I picked with The Fiance that served virtually no purpose but to make him feel bad (I'm really sorry and it is my fault).

Perhaps it's knowing that I may never get through my to-do list in time.

Perhaps it's reality setting in about the surgery I'm having in 9 days and all that it could mean for my future.

Regardless of why, it seems that I've finally found my tears.


Ness said...

Bless your heart. Sending a ton of virtual hugs to replace the real time hugs I wish I could give you. Keeping you in my prayers. It will all be well. I always find that I pick fights with my husband when I'm feeling like crap and overstressed. You're not alone.

Ness said...

Had to add that I read the MedProm post after this one and you tell me where and when and I will come kick The Fiance's butt! He so deserved what you gave him and more!

Anonymous said...

Seems to be going around. Hope you get your head around things and feel better soon.

Need help with your list?

Flea said...

Poor little bunny! You have so many more than enough reasons to find tears! Glad you did.

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

I'm inclined to send flowers. But with the week you are having you would probably be allergic to them and then that wouldn't do much good now would it??

So from one blogger to another, I hope your week picks up.