Wedding Whoopsie

Monday, March 24, 2008

I sat down this past weekend with my germ infested cousins to explain what they'd be doing in my wedding since I realized that we'd never really talked about it. My 6 year old cousin is our ring bearer and I told him how he'd be dressed just like The Fiance and my brother-in-law (both of whom he loves) and that it would be his job to hold a little pillow with our rings on it and walk down the aisle.

Then I moved onto his sister. My 4 year old cousin will (hopefully) be our flower girl. She's super-shy, so we're working on getting her really excited for this. I told her all about her dress (which we're going to go buy in about 30 minutes) and how I'd be wearing a special dress and my sister would and that her job would be to drop flower petals on the ground where she was walking. She wasn't thrilled with the idea, but she was at least listening.

As soon as I finished explaining it, her brother (the 6 year old) looks up, just SO excited and says, "Mama! Did you hear that? I get to drop rings!"

And that will be why his pillow will have fake rings on it.


Anonymous said...

Be prepared for the 4 y.o. to back out at the last minute, as my daughter (3 at the time) did at my sister-in-law's wedding. She did have a good time throwing the flower petals on the floor after the service, though.

Anonymous said...

I found it hard to trust my fiance's brother with the rings, let alone a little boy! Fake rings are a most excellent idea!

Anonymous said...

You can get a whole bunch of fake rings and he can sprinkle them on the ground as he walks down the aisle.

Flea said...

The fake rings get SEWN ONTO the pillow! :D

I was nearly in your neck of the woods this last weekend, in Rapides Parish. Maybe two hours from NO? We had crawfish! I haven't eaten so well in forever.