Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have it.

I hate it.

I'm not feeling funny about it.

I'll try to provoke a student to say something funny tomorrow, but frankly, today's been a pretty crappy day. I'm feeling like a big pile of snot filled ass, my very favorite student's grandmother died and it absolutely tore her to shreds before my very eyes, at my desk in my classroom today (I have never as an adult, felt so incredibly helpless), oh and I have an exam tomorrow that's going to rape me pretty severely (which is hard to imagine since I got a D on the last one).

But after that, I should be back to the humor. I know, try to contain your excitement.


Anonymous said...

Sucky suck suck. Sorry!

kim-d said...

Hey girl! It's mostly MY right nostril, too! HIGH FIVE! And two thumbs up.

A big pile of snot filled ass. I have been trying, for at least 48 hours, to figure out what I felt like. Couldn't come up with adequate words until I read your assessment. AND THAT IS IT! A big pile of snot filled ass sums it up perfectly. Thank you for having at least the momentary clarity to be able to put this awesome-ness into words.

This blowy blow blows. Really.

Good luck on the academic rape today, although I know you won't need it because feeling like a big pile of snot filled ass is SO conducive to acing tests. Man...

I'm off now, to whine softly to myself.

Ness said...

Big hugs to you and hope life makes a turnaround for the good for you soon.

Anonymous said...

sickness sucks, for sure. good vibes your way.