Christmas in March

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm way too tired to write anything coherent tonight, but I wanted to share a small bit of the amazing concert experience. We had seats on the floor, literally 8 seats away from a long walkway that protruded out from the stage. The show began with Carrie Underwood. She played for like 1 1/2 hours, I only knew 1-2 of her songs, but she definitely has a powerful voice. And can change clothes very quickly. She walked down the walkway a couple of times and it was pretty neat to be close by.

Then there was a 30 minute break where they played a lot of awesome 90s music and switched the stage up, and then Keith came out. I can't accurate sum up how remarkably yummy he is, so I'll just quote The Fiance, who, after I said I could watch him sing for hours and hours said that he "could watch him do anything for hours and hours." Seriously. Yum.

About 1/3 of the way into the show, he and his band walked down the walkway and then, viola, there was a microphone and a drum set and they played 4 or 5 songs seriously 15 feet away from us. 8 chairs between me and him. And a small barricade with some security guards.

I took pictures with my phone but they're pretty bad. I'm going to show you anyway, because you need to see how close we were. Again, these were with my phone, so the quality is crappy and since I don't have a paint application on my computer I can't draw arrows and captions like I want to, but whatever. Take me as I am or go away.

This is when they first moved down towards us. Keith is sort of obscured by the bald man on the left who threw a guitar pick that I almost caught, but the superbly obnoxious woman in front of me, who, by the way did not know a single word to a single Keith Urban song, but screamed relentlessly for attention anyway, caught it.

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This is later on when he came down and jammed by himself. Also, he's radioactive. Didn't you know?

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Again, with the plutonium. (He's so hot he glows)

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And then this is the scene of chaos and glitter towards the end of the show. It was absolutely incredibly. Seriously, probably one of the best concerts I've ever seen, aside from a short period of time where I almost passed out because the city of Biloxi cannot air condition its arena and consequently it was 800 degrees down in the lights. The bartender who gave me the free diet pepsi after the concession stands closed and I didn't want alcohol is single-handedly responsible for my staying conscious through the concert.

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There will be more stories to tell, like about the girl spilling my beer, or the woman commenting on my hair or the super cute wedding shower dress I bought today. But now I must go try to stay awake for another hour and a half and try not to bite anyone's head off. Seems pretty unlikely if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

Yay for fun!

Anonymous said...

That is so not fair!! We had the most awful seats in existence at his concert. Horrible, terrible seats. I am so jealous. Plus I'm betting when you got home from the concert, you didn't discover that your stupid, senile dog had an accident.

the queen said...

Ah - I love close seats at concerts. You feel like they are singing right at you.

Anonymous said...

So like Keith Urban is country music, right? ;)

Glad you enjoyed your xmas gift so much!!!