Biloxi Blunders

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This weekend's concert was decidedly freaking awesome and I really wanted to focus on that before I told you all about the other clusterfucks that followed us around, but frankly, I've got nothing else to write about tonight (I mean, I could delve into politics, but somehow I see that getting messy) and I need to procrastinate, so here goes.

First, if there's only one road to a large stadium where there's a sold out concert, maybe it's not best to close off one of the two lanes on either side of said road the weekend of the concert. I dunno. It's almost like there would then be an insanely ridiculous amount of traffic such that people pull into their parking space at 7:29 and have to hike the quarter mile to the stadium even though they left the casino a half a mile away 45 minutes earlier. Just saying.

Second, if you come in late to a concert and the lights are off, walk extra carefully and if you spill my beer which was completely full, there are a few things you should do:
a) apologize, I know it was an accident, but it never hurts to not be a douce bag
b) pick it up so that it won't continue to pour out the entire contents of the can onto the ground
c) don't jump up and down in the puddle. Some of us didn't want to wear beer.

Third, if you don't know what you're talking about, at least talk quietly. It got exceptionally warm in the arena so I pulled my hair into a ponytail. The woman behind me, practically yelling says, "Oh my. Why on earth would anyone cut their hair like that?" And I gave her the benefit of the doubt, surely there had to be a worse haircut around then mine. And then she followed it up with, "why would you want to cut the bottom of your hair all short and leave the top long. It's so tacky." As soon as she finished the person next to her must have caught a glimpse of the scar because they somewhat more quietly said, "I don't think it was a style choice" and then a lot of whispering commenced. Seriously people, it's not hard to be quiet or, you know, polite.

Finally, smoking a cigarette just outside the entrance to a restaurant that doesn't actually have doors separating it from the lobby does not actually stop any of the smoke from coming into the restaurant. I won't pass judgement on smokers because that's not my place, but seriously, I don't smoke for a reason and I sure as hell don't smoke and eat at the same time for a good reason either. Would it kill you to walk like 15 feet into the main casino where everyone else was smoking and spare us just a tiny space of fresh-ish air?

In other news, I'm pretty sure my finger's not broken. It looks oddly like a sausage link, but you know, aside from that, it seems to be okay. I know you were all worried.


Anonymous said...

Katie, people are dumb. No other explanation is necessary. They just are. But hey, it makes us look that much smarter, eh?

Oh, & I don't know about Sonic & Mario but our arms are aching just a wee bit from swinging a sword at all those monsters riding warthogs in Link.

Lanny said...

Ha! You used Army's favorite expression (when Linus isn't around!): CF!

I hope your sausage, er, finger feels better soon!

Daisy, Just Daisy said...

To me, a "no-smoking" section is like a "no-peeing" section in the kiddie pool. When will people figure that out and politely step far, far away??

Anonymous said...

Oh, & had to come back to comment on your comment over at Kim's - It's not just me??? And here I thought people enjoy talking on the phone. I hate it. Even little, minor things like making a phone call to set up an appointment is annoying. And here I thought I was just weird. Okay. I am weird but that's not the point.

the queen said...

I am filled with blind rage toward Ponytail BITCH. Sending Bad Vibes her way.