Alphabet Strep

Sunday, March 23, 2008

(I won't be around tomorrow, so just let me say, Happy Easter! to everyone celebrating it and happy Sunday to everyone not. I'll be back with wedding shower stories soonish, but if I'm gone for a few days, assume it's travel related, or possibly, related to the story I'm about to relay).

I have never, in my nearly 25 years of life, had strep throat. I've heard stories of it, have had fears of it (like last week), had my tonsils taken out from repeated non-strep infections, but never ever have I had strep. It's a fact that I'm rather proud of considering that it's one of like three things in a medical dictionary I can't claim to have experienced.

About a week ago, my 4 year old cousin, was taken to the doctor, for a cough and fever that wouldn't die. We all had money on pneumonia and were all surprised when it turned out to be Strep, group A, which is the normal kind that everyone and their brother currently has. She got antibiotics and besides the cough that is still there, is pretty much fine now.

Her mother came down with the same cold/cough combination early this week, so she went to the doctor and had a strep test done just to be safe and because she's the one who hosted my shower. Thankfully, her rapid test came back negative and she went home to nurse her good old-fashioned cold.

A few days later her son, my 6 year old cousin, got the same cold/fever, etc, which if you're following my timing was about um, the day before I got there. And while it defies every germ-phobia I have, I went over and played at their house anyway. I only get to see my cousins and aunt a few times a year and frankly, considering that I'm just getting over cold #2 for 2008, my immune system should be kicking some major ass. So I risked it and had fun with my germ-monger cousins Thursday evening. Incidentally, at that visit I learned that the major function of the front two teeth is to corral spit in your mouth. There was a lot of spraying it rather than saying it. From the sick kid.

Friday morning I got a call from my aunt. Though her rapid strep test came back negative, the culture showed strep- but group F, which we can't find any information about, except that it appears to be contagious. So she started antibiotics yesterday, about 14 hours after I hung out at her house. Today we looked into her 6 year old's mouth and saw the most ridiculously swollen tonsils I've ever even imagined, so he got to go to urgent care and was told that if it wasn't strep (the rapid test was negative) it was at least a regular throat infection.

So let's see how this equation works:

Strep A + Strep F + Virus/Infection of unknown origin + me (who currently feels fine, by the way) = screwed

Nothing says Easter like strep. Streppy Easter everyone.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, you ARE good at math!

Ness said...

Oh wow, Katie, just what you need. I'll say a prayer that you dodge the strep/virus bullet. Take care.

Flea said...

A streppy Easter to you too!