The Valentine's Day Dramedy (update below)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

So that was fun. I have much to share about the ER experience, but I'm going to save those stories, smells and images a little while longer and just cut to the chase, because I'm exhausted, and I don't feel like stringing y'all along today.

I fired off an email to the neurosurgeon at around 9 last night, waited until 9:30 and we went to the ER (this was on the recommendation of my physical therapists, The Fiance's preceptor doctor and my sister). We arrived just before 10, saw the triage nurse and did vitals at around 11:30 and were taken back at around 2am. Despite the 4 hour wait, it was so not as bad as it could've been or as bad as it has been. Having neurological symptoms gets you seen A LOT faster than having the flu does. When we left at 4 in the morning most of the same people were in the waiting room who had been there at 11pm.

A med student did the initial exam (she's a classmate of The Fiance, she offered to let me skip straight to the doctor, but I figured at that point, what was an extra 20 minutes?) and then the doctor came in and spoke with us. He said that a CT scan would be not good enough and they can't do MRIs in the middle of the night, which left us in a pickle. He called the neurosurgical attending on call who happened to be the attending who assisted my neurosurgeon on the surgery, so he was able to help us out. We left at 4 with a prescription for an MRI today (2/14) to be dealt with immediately.

I got home and went to bed, had to get up at 8 to get back to the hospital to get squeezed into the MRI schedule. It took a lot of work on everyone's part (including my neurosurgeon who is taking this really seriously and is incredibly on top of it right now and apparently quite upset with his office staff for being dillweeds), but I got in for an MRI at 10:30, got out at 11:40 and am home now awaiting the call from the doctor (he was in surgery, so I'm not sure exactly when he's going to call, but he said definitely by the end of the day).

So there you go. We don't actually know a shred more information than we did yesterday, but it seems like we've hopped on the right track to getting there. It seems really appropriate that on this, the second anniversary of the day I was diagnosed with the Overflowing Brain, that I'm spending the whole day making sure it's not getting more jacked up.

More details later as I get them, but probably not before a long-winded love post to my Valentine, who went with me to the hospital even though he has a project and a test tomorrow, which also happens to be his birthday.

**10pm update

I have an appointment to see the neurosurgeon tomorrow, though he did call this evening. He said that the MRI was almost completely clean except for some fluid accumulation around the site of the duraplasty, but that shouldn't be causing the problems I'm having. He also said we're outside of the boundaries where it would make sense for this to be a problem of post-operative inflammation and that in his mind, we've now encountered a problem not tied to the Chiari. He's going to talk with me more about it tomorrow and then refer me to a new neurologist who will be running a different series of tests to see if there's a reason for this. It's good news because everything looks good, it's just frustrating because we my friends, are back at my old stomping ground, square one.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You must be exhausted... Keep us posted. Oh, and happy b-day one day early to the Fiance.

Anonymous said...

You're just jealous of my sister and wanted to spend some time on Valentine's Day in the hospital. :)

We're celebrating the day a few days late so you guys should join us. We'll just move Valentine's Day to the weekend.

Lanny said...

I hope they get to the bottom of it quickly! I'm sorry that this must seem never-ending for you. It's just not fair!

Despite it all, I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!

**My word verification was vulgar! Either that or I'm still in middle school in my mind and that's why I caught it.