What goes around, comes around- poll style

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So, I'm going to do this poll really anonymously except to say that someone may or may not have earned the upcoming embarrassment by making a wise-ass remark after his football team won on Sunday.

The scene- a nice-ish restaurant. Nice enough to have the washable cloth napkins.

The question- is it appropriate to blow your nose in said cloth napkins?

The options-
a) hell no. That's all different kinds of wrong/unsanitary/just plain dis-freaking-gusting. You now want a list of all the restaurants we go to so you can bring your own napkins to them.
b) it depends upon the magnitude of the nose blowing. A little wipe is one acceptable, a full blow is not (erm, make that not dirty please)
c) it's perfectly fine. The napkins get washed anyway.
d) other- please specify magnitude of disgustion and/or okay-ness with nose blowing

Not that I'm saying that anyone I know and love does this, but if they did, would you think it inappropriate?

(I love that the whole reason for this poll was to move down the entry about testicles in case any wholesome reader from a site that I won a contest on hopped over for a visit. I'm not sure that snot's a whole lot better. Maybe I'll poll you on that next)


the queen said...

If this individual would discreetly pick the nose in question before blowing into the napkin, i would consider it acceptable.

~~Silk said...

Ack! Ack! It's acceptable only if the blower also provides tongs for the waiter/busser who will be gathering up the napkins later.

There's a big difference between bits of food and bodily fluids!

~~Silk said...

P.S. It's not acceptable to blow one's nose at the table, anyway, even using a paper napkin, personal handkerchief, or tissue. One excuses oneself and blows in the restroom.

Anonymous said...

Not acceptable. Even if paper napkins. Agree with silk--excuse yourself and blow privately.

Did I just say, "excuse yourself and blow privately"?


Jackietex said...

I'l admit to grossness. I think a quick and subtle wipe is okay. Eating often makes my nose run and I don't want to get up several times per meal to wipe it. I do wrap the napkin so that no one would touch food or "whatever."

kim-d said...

Oh heavens, Katie, I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be discussing the full blow vs. the subtle wipe with you. We've come so far from where we started! BWAHAHAHA!

No. To all of it. No. Not only No, but Hell No. No blowing or wiping at the table. If either are necessary, it needs to happen somewhere other than the table. It's not something that should cost *a person* his testicles or anything major like that, though. Just sayin...

More BWAHA'ing...

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain my readers are not so wholesome that they don't know what a testicle is. But thanks for caring!

And again Congratulations!

PS ~ A dab is okay, a wipe is borderline, a blow is off the charts wrong!

Liz said...

B! But don't make it obvious. Excuse yourself to the bathroom if you need to blow.

lace1070 said...

D ~ So not right to blow your nose at the table anywhere ~ excuse yourself and go to the bloody restroom ~ for the love of God! What's worse ~ when you are crying and your father offers his personal hankerchief for said nose blowing ~ gross ~ some things should definately not be shared. :)