Waiting Game

Thursday, January 3, 2008

After hours of googling, it would appear that I have "spitting stitches" which are exactly what they sound like. There are at least 4 more that are visible. Ick ick ick ick.

I'm waiting (and waiting and waiting) for a call back from the neurosurgeon. Hopefully he'll be unconcerned but still willing to take a look on Monday. It's so easy to keep my mind off of this given that I have so much to do. Oh wait, no, that's the opposite of what's going on right now, which is nothing. A big, heaping pile of nothing*. Except worrying. Trust me, there is plenty of that to share if anyone needs some.

*Except the America's Next Top Modelathon on VH1. God bless Tyra Banks.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Good lord - I've never heard of spitting stitches before.

Maybe it's ok that they work their way out???


lace1070 said...

Maybe your brain is just trying to heal too fast ~ LOL! Hand in there, hopefully it's no big deal. Watch your favorite movie ~ you'll forget all about your stitches! Hugs to you ~ Lace