The (Questions and) Answers

Friday, January 4, 2008

Okay, so I realized I had let a lot of questions (actually, in retrospect, not a lot, but some) in the comments go unanswered. I don't know what the proper protocol is for answering comment questions, so I'm going to do a post and answer them now, because, well, I've got time. I also noticed in the course of reviewing the comments that NOLA tagged me for a Meme type of thing a few weeks ago and I totally missed it, so I'm going to do that tomorrow, though I'm pretty sure I can't come up with 12 people to tag for it. So we'll see, but here goes nothing...

Question: Back on December 11th, Kim-d asked, in reference to mint M&Ms being the greatest thing ever, "Yes, but have you tried the Cadbury **Solid Milk Chocolates~with A Crisp Sugar Shell** yet?"
Answer: Yes, I have tried them. Chances are if it comes in chocolate I have tried it (try and read that not at all in the dirty way, mkay?). However, they pale in comparison to my now completely unavailable Mint M&Ms. :(

Question: On December 18th, Maxie asked, "I haven't watched the show (The Price is Right) since Drew Carey took over, is it any good?
Answer: Yea, it'll do in a real television pinch. If you have something else on tv worth watching, watch it first, but Drew is really good about making fun of the contestants a little bit and that's always something I've done, so it makes it feel a little more edgy.

Question: On December 21st, Kim-d, asked, "have you run into your new neighbor Brad yet?"
Answer: Unfortunately, no. I did see his pink covered buildings in the 9th ward, which are very pretty, though a long way from being live-able in. It's a nice effort, but in my very humble opinion, given that all the Projects are being torn down and with the rate of homelessness being so incredibly high, it's a small drop in the ocean of needing homes for families.

Question: On December 27th, The Ex asked, "So, like, everything is going fine since the surgery?"
Answer: Spitting stitches aside (by the way, have an appt wednesday with neurosurgeon. His nurse seemed totally unconcerned, but she also didn't listen to a single syllable I said, so who even knows what she thinks I'm coming in for...) things are going really well. I have had one headache in 5 1/2 weeks, which is literally on the scale of miracles. The surgery did exactly what we'd hoped it would do. It has helped with so many of the neurological symptoms I had (though it's becoming apparently that hand strength is still suffering and for those who speak medical lingo I will always have an upward Babinski, a fact that The Fiance finds wildly amusing and one that he loves to show people (try not to make that dirty either...)). I don't want to jinx anything, but everything is so much better than I even imagined.
It's not all daisies and roses, I do have a lot of neck stiffness and I get sore very easily, but when you compare that to the daily headaches pre-surgery, well, it's so far beyond worth it that I don't think that saying it was worth it is nearly strong enough. There's no way to know if the symptoms will come back or if I'll need further treatment, because these waters we're in are not nearly charted enough. Some people need more treatment or acquire other conditions post-op, some go on to live perfectly normal lives. We're going to wait, see and hope that I'm the latter.

Question: On January 1st, Kim-d (it's apparently the Kim Show today) asked, " By the way, how WAS that bruschetta? The Best Ever?"
Answer: No, however, it was pretty good. The vegetable dip was terrible, the cake was just so-so and the lack of mashed potatoes was terribly evident and bitched about by all. If there's anything I can count on my family for it's bitching.

Question: On January 2nd, My most frequent reader (though, side note, New York now has more hits than Minnesota, so I apparently have an obsessive New York stalker...Monk? Or is it someone else?) and several emailers asked, "Why did [future mother-in-law] go registering with you?"
Answer: I hadn't planned on answering this question initially, but I feel I should probably clear the air a little. It's 100% my fault. Ditto with the wedding rings. She asked if she could come and considering that the last time we told her no she called her son a "disappointment as a child" I just didn't want to deal with it and I said yes. I came to find out that The Fiance was preparing to tell her no when I said yes, and boy do I wish I could go back in time and let him do that, but alas, I cannot. I somehow thought that it would be easier to have her there than to deal with her tantrum (and I don't use that word lightly either). I have since learned that I was very wrong.

You might also be interested to know that because of that very same cataclysmic incident of us telling her no and how it ruined a whole lot of everything for a while, we agreed to let her stay at our house for Mardi Gras. For 10 days. In our house. During my only vacation time for the whole spring semester. Be prepared for what will be 10 days of intense ranting because frankly, she eats at my soul and if I don't get to complain about it somewhere to someone my eyes will bleed and my head will spin and, well, that's just messy.

So there you go. I'm going to close my eyes and use the sound of the rain to pretend like I'm home and not still in California, listening to a certain family member bitch about having to drive me to the airport and carry my luggage into the airport for me. Because you know, I should be able to lift 60 pounds by now. Because, as she put it, "it wasn't *that* major of a surgery" and of course, you know, it's not like the incision is opening up and rocketing out stitches or anything.


Anonymous said...

Can't be me showing up because half the time I read your blog through Google Reader. I guess all the other NYers followed me.

Your sister should get a smack upside the head. Ditto for MIL-to-be.

And, for what it's worth, when I have PMS, things magically go flying out of my hands constantly. Same with my sister. Maybe the whole laptop thing is merely that?

the queen said...

You must document the upward Babinski. Every time i get it done I want to fake a positive, but I have no idea how it looks. So I just let my toes stay where they are.

Maxie said...

I'll have to check out the price is right...

and mint + chocolate = deliciousness.

Anonymous said...

Re: stitches, keep us posted!

Re: future MIL and MG stay-over: ABORT MISSION! Woman, are you mad? Use that recent brain surgery as an excuse! Do whatever it takes, but don't have her stay with you ten, 10!, days! Trust me!

And if you simply cannot abort, then by all means blog it out!!

The Ex said...

YAY! I'm so glad everything is going well. Thanks for answering the questions.