More super than the bowl

Sunday, January 13, 2008

(eds. note: MOTHER FRICKING PIECE OF MONKEY CRAP. After the game ended The Fiance looked over at me and said, "now you can go blog about it." ah- ha. ah-ha. Just wait honey, you'll get yours.)

Today is the Cowboys v. Giants playoff game, which, you may or may not know, is perhaps the biggest game of the season in this house. You see, I was raised on the Dallas Cowboys. My father was raised on the Dallas Cowboys, it's a legacy thing (our family is from Texas/Oklahoma). I have been a true fan, even through all the years of craptastic seasons, and it's about time we finally got our shit together.

The Fiance is a Giants fan. His family is from New York and he really likes losing. I mean, he really likes Eli Manning.

So for better or for worse, one team is going to the championship game next week. The only question is, will it be the Cowboys beating the Packers next weekend and earning me the 40 dollars I've bet my uncle, or will it be the Giants winning, effectively making everyone I know's life a little less pleasant?

I think you know which team to root for.


kim-d said...

OOPSIES! Not wise, there, Mr. Fiance Person. Kinda funny, but not wise. Expect consequences and repercussions. And general unpleasantness. Hehehe.

But I've got to tell y' doesn't really make any difference if the Cowboys won or the Giants, because The Pats are gonna kick butt in the SB anyway. HAHAHAHA!