It's bad.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yea, two posts in a day, I know. Whatever.

So I'm not having a great day. I may or may not have dropped my computer again (which brings up a few worries about my hand strength because there was no reason to drop it, I didn't trip or having anything else in my hands, just one minute it was in my hands, the next it was on the ground) and well, it's bad. The left side of the monitor is not really connected anymore. The computer still turns on, but I have to make sure that the bottom is well supported, otherwise the left side sags down a bunch. It's bad. Seriously.

So I called the computer company and fibbed a little bit. See, I paid an arm and a leg for my warranty, but somehow it doesn't cover dropping computers. It's bad. And I lied, which is also bad. I'm not going to disclose the particular lie I offered because it's really bad, but let's just say that I've got myself all set up in a firy ride straight to hell. It's really bad.

And then, because karma has a way of doing this, about 2 minutes after I got off the phone with tech support I scratched my incision and this came out.

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In case you can't see it's a stitch. Which is interesting because The Fiance said a few days ago that it looked like there was one near the surface and then he decided that maybe it was a hair follicle instead because there were SEVERAL of them down the incision. Which is bad because now it would appear that it's actually a bunch of stitches pushing to the surface. Those absorbable stitches that you're not ever supposed to see. All along the incision. Pushing their little way out. It's bad.

And I'm 2000 miles away from my neurosurgeon.

Did I mention that this is bad? Because it is.


kim-d said...

Run, run, run, quickly...away from there. Well, don't run. But, really, you need to go home now. Huh?

See comment on Pottery Barn post.

Love ya, Katie. You're not going to hell in a handbasket just for lying to the computer people.

However, Lanny and I have already determined that WE WILL be going to hell-in-a-handbasket-built-for-two. And, if by chance you DO go to hell, we will make room for you in our handbasket, or find one built for three, so you will be sure to be amongst friends :).

Here for ya always, baby!

Anonymous said...

Umm, yikes?

~~Silk said...

Make a phone call, and then stop worrying. My husband had three craniotomies, and they all spat "internal" stitches. What's scary is when you see one poking up, and pull it, and get three inches of string......... "Ack! His skull's gonna fall apart!" Nope.

Liz said...