The Day After Today

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So the mystery virus continues to be mysterious. The fever is lower this evening, but not gone and now my right sinuses hurt so much every time I take a breath in I feel like someone might be hammering a nail into my face (remember the MRI? The mystery grows). Bah.

I may have mentioned a few weeks ago that out of a good-natured part of our collective hearts, which also happens to be really close to the part that doesn't like to get in huge arguments with grown women who act like children, the Fiance and I will be entertaining his mother during Mardi Gras. For the next 10 days (honey, if you're reading this, just stop now. I told you I'd try not to complain about her, and this is how I'm going to manage that. So really, stop reading, I won't embarrass you, I promise. Mostly).

Ten days.

Did I also mention that embedded in her 10 day stay is my ONLY week of vacation for the spring semester of work? Or that she's obnoxious, often rude and oh yes, hates me? Well, that's not entirely fair, it's not that she hates me, it's just that she thinks that The Fiance should be out sleeping with as many women as he can so that he can get a trophy wife (yes, she said this). And also that I'm marrying him for his money (which by the way, honey, if you're still reading, which you shouldn't be, where is this money she's alluding to?). Oh and stunting his potential. I'm crazy clever like a fox, in case you didn't know.

So tomorrow she hops on her I mean airplane, and flies out here. If I was interested in finding the bright side I'd tell you that we're eating at fabulous restaurants every single day (Jacques-imos, The Palace Cafe, etc), but frankly, I'm not. Frankly, I'm trying to store up on patience because I know it's going to be in high demand. Also, I'm trying to rest because one of the things I may not have mentioned before is that The Fiance's mother thinks that my surgery was the "worst decision ever" made. (Yea, Hitler and the Nazis, that was bad, but this surgery, the worst ever). Subsequently, while she is here I cannot utter a complaint of any variety, whether it is being sore from limboing to catch beads or if I get any manner of headache because I will literally be as good as inviting her to give me and I-told-you-so lecture. No, I'm not joking.

And lest you were curious, no, there is no point to this particular blog entry. I just needed to bitch a little bit about this and make sure to set the stage for what is sure to be at least 10 amazing days of blogging.


Anonymous said...

I do sympathize with having your (future) MIL stay with you, but OMG, the restaurants! Knowing Louisiana as I do, I'm sure that the food was not damaged a bit by Katrina. Some day I'm going to buy some elastic pants and go eat my way through south Louisiana for a month.

Have the king cakes started appearing in your break room yet? I don't like sweet things much, but a filled king cake... yummy!

~~Silk said...

Maybe you can pass the mystery virus to F-MIL! Or use it to warn her away....

Lanny said...

Funny, I married my dh for the money too! Of course, I guess MIL didn't notice how stinking-eat-only-pb&j-sandwiches-during-residency poor we were. Ugh!

Drink. Heavily. It's the only way.

Enjoy the restaurants. I'm jealous of that part.

kim-d said...

There will be headaches. Cranium-shattering headaches. I hope Honey understands the depth of your sacrifice. And I also hope Honey DOES understand what is wrong with the whole picture; like has anybody ever had a chat with the MIL telling her to respect the wife-to-be? Or would that make tuition money disappear? What I fail to understand is, why she would want to spend so much time with someone as unworthy as you, or is it just a way to get all-of-her-apparently-many frustrations out all in one fell swoop on one poor defenseless person.

See what I did there? I took on all your frustration for you so you can handle her visit better. And because Honey can't say anything to me about it...hehehe!

Hang in there, Kate. There will be good stories! And if she's paying, I'd order the most expensive stuff and leave lots of it. Passive aggressive, but sometimes you have no choice :)...

brneyedgal967 said...


There's not really anything stopping you from slipping a little Nair (you know, the hair removal creme) into her guest shampoo, or her own if she brings it.

10 days. You might actually get to see the results.

I know, I'm going to hell. I've already been told that.

Oh yeah, and the drink heavily advice from Lanny... good idea.

Anonymous said...

Yipes. Drink a lot. And blog all you need to to stay sane!

Hope you get answers soon on your mysterious virus.