Contents Under Pressure

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I mentioned on another blog (in a comment, not another one I write) that I might write an entire blog without correcting the typos that result from the 8 bajillion brain farts I have each minute. And since I have a headache tonight, the second one since the surgery, I thought tonight might be a good time to do that. However, upon reading said typoed blog entry, I realized that no one would be as entertained by that as I would (what else is knew, I know), but also that reading a blog entry completely devoid of the letter A might be more challenging for people with properly functioning brains. So I'm not gonna.

And I toyed with the idea of sharing another dating story from the early years with The Fiance, but decided I'd rather do that another time, when I'm feeling funnier, or something. So instead, I'm going to challenge you to beat my jacked up brain at a test.

JustSayHi - Science Quiz

Good luck. And remember, cheaters never prosper.


the queen said...

I barely paqssed. 65%. The "paqssed" was for you.

Anonymous said...

I failed :(

Anonymous said...

It seemed a little to happy to tell me I failed.