Tradition! (Christmas, the Jewish edition)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Last night was Hanukkah dinner with The Fiance's family. It was amazing food (for the record, Latkas were God's gift to the Jews, I'm pretty sure), good company, and pretty awesome gifts (an iPod Shuffle!)

However, it seems that I have some sort of Hanukkah curse. A need to make myself feel stupid each year. Last year, Hanukkah was The Fiance and me, his parents, his sister and brother-in-law and nephew, his parents' closest friend, her two kids and their significant others. I technically "knew" who everyone was, but as one of two non-Jews at the table, it was very nerve-wracking. I was given the honor of being the first person to serve myself food (buffet style) and I got my salad and my brisket and then, because I'm smooth like butter, I stupidly, thought that the gravy for the brisket was salad dressing and poured a generous portion on my salad.

I played it cool when I realized it, only telling The Fiance because I didn't want everyone to notice. I virtually inhaled my salad so no one could see my foolishness, and I thought I was completely safe until The Fiance said, with great excitement, "Ha! Katie put gravy on her salad and then she ate it all."

And then I died.

So this year, despite the fact that I still can't look down (we're working on rebuilding some neck dexterity), I wrapped the presents from The Fiance and I. He insists that I do it all wrong, and yet somehow, never offers to do it instead. Weird, right? It wasn't until his father got his gift and asked in a very confused voice, "Wait, who is this from?" and The Fiance told him it was from us. So you can imagine my embarrassment when he showed everyone the gift tag which said "To: Dad; From: (Fiance's first name) and (Fiance's last name). Everyone thought it was hysterical. I died a little more inside.

I'm a little afraid to go next year, it seems like there's no escaping this pattern of embarrassment. Just to be safe everytime I see the cup for Elijah, I run screaming the other way. Because I'm pretty sure I can't eat that really quickly to hide the evidence and I sure as hell know that I can't trust my loving Fiance to keep it a secret.

Oy vey.


Anonymous said...

Oy vay! At least they are innocent errors. Oh, and this year at least you have, like, the BEST EXCUSE EVER!