One week post-op

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Look at all that hair growth!

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And don't stop delurking. I love it! (and New York)

p.s. Monkling- clearly I was the dominant one, so I'm going to say top.


kim-d said...

Ummm, yeah, Monkling, Katie-the-Overachiever would definitely be the dominant-on-top one. POOR LITTLE BOTTOM SIAMESE...WITH KATIE'S GIGANTOR BRAIN ATTACHED TO ITS FOREHEAD...HAHAHA!

Okay, smarta$$...said lovingly and not in a mad way at all...the nice thing about the bed-shampoo-cap-you-can-do-it-even-in-a-hospital-bed thingamabob is that it is ADJUSTABLE and you can plop it on your head HOWEVER you want. For instance, if you had a Mohawk, you could arrange it to go do the middle of your head. Likewise, poor little Bottom Siamese could arrange it so that it started at the crown of the head and went back from there since, with you being attached at the forehead and all, Bottom Siamese doesn't have any hair in the front :( !!! Good thing I'm not discriminatory...TOP/BOTTOM, IT'S ALL GOOD TO ME!!!! :) :) :) Any further instructions needed, let me know and I'll do my best to help. Right now, I'm starting to think you kinda like the wannabe dreds.

And, finally, that is SOME hair growth ya got there! Wow! Then I naturally think, "that poor girl must have to shave her legs EVERY DAY..." I'm just sayin'...

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's the deal; I sign in here (like I do often; sometimes on the BLOG) and you then come to my site, OKAY, okay? Everything looks great, Katie. You are healing and recovering so well. The scar is great. Not gross, not hard to look at, perfection at best. Perhaps your surgeon should take up Home Economics when he begins working on his CME credits. Kidding aside, you are doing great. Will you be able to return to work before your next follow up in three months? What were you planning before surgery? Just curious. I am glad all your class work is done. I have one test left and I have to get 71 right out of 95 to get an A. I am so close and I am working so hard. But like you, I have been very ill. I have so many questions to ask you about Chari. My symptoms sound so much like yours. Can it just develop over time. Or is it there since birth. Nobody saw anything 5-6 years ago on an MRI but even then I was getting chronic daily mirgraines and 6 years later, even more symptoms and they are scaring the pants off me (which is very scary for those around me). I would love to get info from someone like you. Please stop by my site. I am feeling quite sad (very pathetic, I know), because I get a lot of hits but not a lot of people sign and that makes me sad. I have been talking about closing down the site. Guess I will see what the nex few weeks bring in the amount of entries. Anyway, had my eyes dialated to the max (she needed them extra BIG). It has been 13 hours and I still don't know what color my eyes are. Not too mention all the bright lights and such have escalated my migraine. But I had to get something done and thought I would love you a note. That probably won't make sense becasue I am so tired AND I can't see real well. The appointment was a waste of time (that's for another time if you interested). Take care! Hugs, love, and lots of prayers, Jodi.

PS. I did not proofread! Sorry!