The land that mother nature forgot.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I keep hearing about the big ice storm in the middle part of the country and the buckets of snow that are falling from coast to coast and I can't help but wonder if Mother Nature has forgotten about us. Or maybe that hole in the o-zone is situated right above New Orleans. Or perhaps the equator has decided to shift north and we're switching seasons.

Either way the current weather (at 11:45am) is 80* with 79% humidity. I don't even like to take showers that temperature.


Lanny said...

ICK Katie! It's hot here too, but our humidity is a *little* lower. Isn't it gross!?! I'm ready for Christmas-like weather, not summer in December!

Anonymous said...

If I remember south Louisiana correctly, doesn't Mother Nature give you a shower that temperature about 2 or 3pm every day?

We're expecting a giant ice storm about 2am, and I had to go to four different stores to find salt for my sidewalk! (I ended up buying $14 a bag, 50-pound bags of this stuff that is supposed to be professional grade. For $14, it better spread itself, because I can't lift 50 pounds!)