I love New York

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Okay, so in my obsession with all of you, I check my Google Analytics quite frequently and there's this one thing I can't get past. You see, I know how Minnesota is the most popular reader state now because I know several people who live there. However, the one I do not understand is New York, my second place state! I know precisely no one residing in New York, and yet, somehow I've had 342 hits from there.

I'm seeing some fresh faces in the comments (hi anonymous and Jackietex!), but none of them seem to come from New York. So it's time to identify yourself. Consider this part of a plan to help me get my mind off the fact that I'm probably going to have 13 staples yanked out of my head tomorrow :)

If you're not from New York and you want to de-lurk like those readers from North Carolina (6th place state), or Virginia (7th place) or Ohio (8th place), feel free to post a comment. Or if you just want to say hi and reassure me that having staples ripped out isn't a painful as it seems like it should have to be, that'd be great too. I just love you guys is all.

I know this isn't much of a thrilling post, but later I'm hoping to put up a picture of my head one week post-op. So lookout for that piece of beauty. Just be thankful you don't have smellivision.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

I'm the Virginian and I'm delurker myself.

I had fourteen staples in my head before, and it wasn't bad to have them removed. You just felt the pressure.


PC said...

I am the NC lurker...well not really a lurker I guess. The thing they pull the staples out with looks exactly like a staple remover you might use in a classroom. I thought they were kidding the first time they showed it to me. Happy Hanaukah(I cant spell) to a certain fellow.

Anonymous said...

I am a lurker from South Carolina. I have only had staples from my c section. They didn't hurt to get out. (Had them twice) I don't know about the head though. I'm glad everything went well and you're healing up!!


kim-d said...

Hi, I'm kim-d and I'm de-lurking. Well, not de-lurking exactly because I comment here all the time. I'm much too much of a bucket mouth to lurk too many places. Maybe what I should say is that I am 'fessing up to the fact that I probably count for a lot of your MN activity. And then there are the other MN lurkers that come on over to my site from yours, but who will not de-lurker for love nor money. Closed-mouthed Minnesotans, ya know! Except me. I come here repeatedly throughout the day. I admit it. I can't help it. My fingers twitch and then I click and--BAM!--here I am...AGAIN. Because I'm wondering if you're still running around with wannabe dreds. Don't they still have those bed-shampoo-cap things from the hospital; you know, like those bed bath things but only for your head. If they still exist, it might be an idea? I think you can get them at Walgreen's...at least you COULD get them there. Okay, rambling. So I'll try not to stop by anymore tonight, but no promises. Happy Hanukkah to The Fiance!

Anonymous said...

I had 12 staples in my stomach from a c-section and I was freaking out also about having them removed. It didnt hurt at all, just take some tylenol b4 hand.


Anonymous said...

Me-me-me-me!!! (Note hand waving wildly in the air.) I had to be responsible for half those NY hits with all the comments I left yesterday. BTW, so were you the top or the bottom Siamese?

lace1070 said...

Hi ~ I am a fellow Chiarian and guess what ~ I live in New York ~ not NYC but upstate NY ~ which is soo different ~
Anyway ~found your blog ~ I have Chiari ~ too ~ among other annoying secondary ~ chiari related joyous syndromes and I am scheduled for the decompression in early March ~ yeah ~ can't wait! My friends have already been surmising the hair dilemma that i will have and they are already looking for solutions! Check out my blog if you want ~


I am a bit of a nut at times ~ but the brain tail explains it all. Hugs to you ~ Lace