Destined to Become a Classic

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I stumbled upon something wonderful last week and I have yet to share it with you. After my previous favorite show's finale (America's Next Top Model), there was a wonderful show premiering called "Crowned: the Mother of all Pageants."

But this is no pageant show. No, it's a mother and daughter TEAM pageant show. No pageant experience required, though it does seem slightly unfair that the second runner up for Miss Arizona is in the competition. I mean, her celebrity status is more than enough to push her above the other candidates.

And the challenge this week was to introduce themselves to the judges with a team name. The judges being Carson Kressley, a former Miss USA and some random "celebrity" I know nothing of. The team names ranged in creativity to the Redheaded Bombshells, to the Blonde Bombshells to one group, who, in an attempt to convey their sophistication (which is a word they spelled wrong earlier on), decided to name themselves....wait for it...

Silent but Deadly.

I nearly died. In an attempt to convey their sophistication, they named themselves after a fart.

And then the way they kick you off? They make the second to last place team each week "de-sash" the losing team by picking up a huge pair of scissors and cutting their sashes in half. It's so dramatic, it'll have you on the edge of your seat.

Can you imagine anything more entertaining? God bless the writer's strike and all the phenomenal "reality" shows it's forcing into production.


Anonymous said...

How did my faithful TiVo miss this one??