Death by arm-bicycle

Friday, December 7, 2007

I started physical torture, I mean therapy today and frankly I love the place I'm going to. They're nice, it's small and they've as much as offered me a job there. However, I am astounded by my lack of physical abilities. What the hell happened to me? Oh right, the brain surgery.

Three weeks ago I could play racquetball for an hour and today, I'm pretty sure I broke into a sweat doing the arm bike on the lowest resistance for 5 minutes. The therapist measured my range of motion and she said, "honey, I don't want to be mean, but you don't really have any range of motion at all." I know. I'd tell you to bite me, but bending over takes a lot of work these days.

So I'm on the real road to recovery. The very slow road, going at roughly 30 dollars per visit.


kim-d said...

HAHAHA on the whole "Bite Me/Bending Over" part. Dudelet, you are good! I must say, I'm glad that no sense-of-humor cells were damaged in the taming of the gigantor brain :)! If at all possible, I think maybe you're even just a tetch funnier!

If I may take a serious tone for just one moment...physical therapy is truly wonderful torture. You are going to be so incredibly happy when you see what progress you make! When I had my knee replacement, the first time I was able to push that pedal on the stationary bike all the way around was a triumphant day! Serious, when I started therapy, I was sure I would never walk again. After therapy, practically good as new. For you, it will be even better.

Plus, you get a job outta the whole thing. COOL!

Anonymous said...

She didn't say "bless your heart?" What kind of southern lady is she? A true southern lady adds "bless her heart" to every insult!