Where in the World is Katie San Diego?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Since thing are about to get very very hectic. I'm still going to post, but I'm not going to lie, things will be a bit more sporatic than usual.

This week I'm off tomorrow (suckers! ha! bet you wish you had my job (no you don't, trust me)), I'm working normal hours on Tuesday-Thursday (with my regular Anatomy lab quiz Tuesday) and then Thursday night I'm flying off to Nashville to be in a wedding of which I am completely unprepared for. Shoes? Hair? Makeup? Pshaw. Who needs to think ahead about little details like that? At this point I'm just hoping that the dress she has still fits me. That'd be a bitch.

We get back from Nashville Sunday morning, when I shall start freaking out about my serious lack of time for everything. Then I have my final Anatomy practical on Tuesday November 13th, then my second to last Anatomy test on Saturday November 17th. Then I have my Physics final (which I'm going to bomb pretty badly. Incidentally there's pretty much no joke that can be made about "bombing." I was going to say that I was going to bomb it like _______, but I couldn't find anything not offensive to stick in there. Damn terrorists, all ruining all my jokes) on Monday, November 19th. Then I fly home to California on Tuesday.

Whilst in California we will be visiting all the families, eating Thanksgiving dinner, then doing food tasting for the wedding, then doing cake tasting for the wedding, looking for wedding bands (hello Tiffany!), arranging a meeting between the Fiance's parents and my mother (if there's a big explosion in California the Saturday after Thanksgiving, that would be it...) and at some point, possibly sleeping. We leave California Saturday night at midnight and arrive Sunday morning at 5am.

Sunday night (November 25th) is my Anatomy final exam, which if you'll notice is one week and one day after the previous anatomy test and one day shy of a week less than my physics final. I'm sure my studying will be supurb there.

And then that week shows up.

Monday, November 26th is the pre-op appointment, where they've already promised to do several "swabs" [shudder] and a complete history and physical. Yum... And then it's the big day. We don't have the official time yet, which is okay because I think too many details might make me even more anxious, if that's even possible. But from there I have no obligations but to recover. And re-grow my hair and/or figure out wedding hair styles that involve low buns to cover my soon-to-be bald spot.

So now, if I'm not around, chances are I'm avoiding doing at least one of the things above.