Update the Third

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hello again everybody. It's the Fiance once again, in what might be his final post. My better half is doing quite well. It was an uneventful night, although this morning she did spill a cup of apple juice all over herself. OOPSIES! But other than that, she got seen by both occupational therapy and physical therapy today , both of which cleared her. The doctor's have cleared her as well, as long as she can get up and walk around and she eats something. We're working on both, and this morning she did a lap around the east wing and ate two pancakes. Go her. So, she may be discharged today, my guess is it will depend on how late they want to do discharge paperwork. Either way, I would expect an update from her today or tomorrow. Hope all is well for you,
The Fiance


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!! Katie, My gosh you are doing so well!! I'm so happy your recovery has went so smoothly!! We're thinking of you and hoping you are out of the hospital soon! Take care. Love, Sherri & Kara


Anonymous said...

A man that understands the importance of updating your blog friends?? Katie, this guy is a keeper!

Seriously, glad for the updates both here & on CaringBridge. Even more glad about the news that Katie's getting sprung from jail... uh, I mean the hospital soon.

Nothing like seeing prayers at work.