The marathon weekend

Sunday, November 11, 2007

So last time I checked in I was in Nashville, now I'm home, with much to share. I had many witty things to say and I think that only getting 4 hours of sleep sucked all the funny right out of me. Oh and it's going to be long, mkay?

Friday, after 4 1/2 hours of sleep, we had the bridal luncheon during the day, which was nice, though a little bizarre because there were kids from my elementary school there who I haven't seen in literally 10 years. All of us from California and gathered together in Nashville. Then from there we ran a few quick errands, then went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

The rehearsal was fine, there are 9 bridesmaid's so there was a lot of coordinating to do (we had to walk in on the 7th step on the same foot that the person in front of us was on, we all looked semi-mentally deficient). And the officiant was the groom's brother and it was his first wedding and he actually went through the whole ceremony there. It was...lengthy and I'm pretty sure that he technically married them at the rehearsal, but it was very heartfelt. The rehearsal dinner was at a line dancing place (the blackhorse? something with the word horse in it) with live music. The singer really really wanted to be Kenny Chesney, but alas, a cowboy hat and snug jeans does not a great singer make. It really just makes everyone watching a little uncomfortable.

Friday night The Fiance got in pretty late, and I think we managed about 6 hours of sleep that night because we met my friend from college for breakfast at 8am. From there I was driven straight to the wedding site where we began the getting ready session. Oh the hair. See, this always happens to me. I have good hair. It's not too thick, it's not too thin and it holds almost any style. It's a huge blessing, but somehow, I always end up with the WORST wedding hair. So I sat down to be styled and we talked about a "sleek" (remember that, we're going to go back to it) ponytail with a little volume in the front. This is a hairstyle I actually sport on occasion, so I was thrilled. And then she started ratting my hair, and before I knew it I was literally 4 inches taller. How is that SLEEK? Isn't sleek synonymous with smooth? Rather than with beehive? It was bad. Really really bad. But, the bride liked it and I wasn't going to say anything. Plus, let's be honest, no one was looking at my hair (except The Fiance, because he was convinced it possessed special powers. The sheer size of it may have modified the pull of gravity in the Nashville area).

The wedding was held in Union Station, which I was told was recently renovated. It's beautiful. The wedding was lovely, better than the last two that I went to combined. (Yes, that last statement probably makes me a horrible person, but I've come to peace with that.) It was only a little weird in that the groom has the same name as The Fiance and I had a hard time holding it together because I felt like I was previewing my wedding. And I have to admit, it was pretty darn cool. Everything went perfectly and both the bride and groom looked amazing.

The pictures are gorgeous, so gorgeous I'm genuinely considering flying him out to do our wedding. And aside from it being ass-cold the whole time and having to be outside for a portion of the event, it was really wonderful. We danced the night away (I actually broke my shoe doing the "Cha cha slide") and enjoyed our time in Nashville immensely. I'm not going to lie, I definitely would've loved it a little more if I'd gotten more like 13 hours of sleep from Thursday night to Sunday morning, but whatever. It was beautiful and we had a great time.

And Tuesday begins the final exam marathon, and at this point, I'm just so excited for it to be over, I cannot even begin to explain it. And then my brain screams because that area I've shut off regarding the surgery tries to panic, but so far I've kept my cool most of the time. Once I'm done with exams I can panic, for now it's all about controlling that which I can control. Because I have a feeling that soon, the list of things I can control is going to be very short. Not unlike this blip of an entry. :)

Told you it would be long and lacking humor. Hopefully the humor and brevity will return soon. Don't hold your breath. Unless you live in New Orleans, in which case, I smell so bad that that isn't a bad plan. Now I'm really done. Really.