In the heartland

Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm in Nashville. It took two planes and a few small miracles to get me here (the first being that I haven't made a hole in my head to try and alleviate the most relentlessly painful headache I think I've ever had ever) but I am here. I endured a 50 minute security line at the New Orleans airport (on a THURSDAY) behind a woman who did not speak english, with a teeny tiny baby. But I don't know if the baby was hers or the other woman or the the man's or some combination therein, but I spent a long time trying to figure out the love triangle while the lady nearly decapitated the child because YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT HIS HEAD. Anyway, I lost track of them afterwards and my people watching entertainment (and horror) was over.

I had a very uneventful flight to Miami, yes, you read that right, New Orleans to Nashville via Miami, I mean really, why not? But once in Miami I had to switch gates 3 times because it's more fun when you run around the entire perimeter of the airport in 15 minutes...twice. At some point between New Orleans and Miami the pen I was using as a pseudo-highlighter broke and I now have green pen up to both my elbows. I checked the mirror about 30 times to make sure I didn't have it all over my face too. I think that was God's way of saying that that was not the time to try to do Anatomy reading.

And then I arrived in Nashville and now I'm in bed. Do check the time stamp because yea, it's almost 2 in the morning and I'm blogging. Why? Because I took a 5 minute nap on the plane and now my body thinks that it's all rejuvinated. Trust me when I tell you that it is not at all rejuvinated.

And so begins the wedding weekend, which will be followed up with the finals-are-going-to-kill-me week. Okay, let the jealousy rage forth.


Anonymous said...

Nashville is one of my absolute favorite cities. The downtown is simply like no other. It's almost like eclectic and eccentric are the norm. I love it. Have a great time!

Josh Boldman

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
Welcome to Nashville. It is my home. What are you going to do while you are in town? Where is the wedding?
I hope you have a great visit here.