I'm not even being paid to promote this

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Whatever I may have said about Google being too invasive the other day, I take it back. Because I got Google Analytics hooked up to mah blog and now I AM Big Brother. I know where you live. I know where you sleep at night. I know what you eat for dinner. That's not true. But I do know the city you are in when you visit. And I know for a fact that my mother isn't reading and that in and of itself is highly comforting.

And though I was pretty sure that either Louisiana or Minnesota would be my state with the highest number of visits but it was actually Illinois. Ca-razy.

Oh and did you know that real live Canadians are visiting? Me neither. But apparently I have 15 visitors from the North (doncha know? Wait, is that Candian or Irish?). Awesome.

So just remember, Google and Big Brother (Big Boogle?) are watching.


Daisy, Just Daisy said...

Illinois? Thats me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Daisy! Now, see, I was just all ready to tell Katie that it's not several people from Illinois, it's just me checking in on her all of the time because I'm in desperate need of a life! :)

kim-d said...

Google Analytics? Big Boogle? How fun. The Minnesota faction would like to know more, doncha know. That's from the Minnesotans close to the Canadian border, 'eh. That's pure Canadian. Seriously, what is Google Analytics?

Lanny said...

Don't ya love Analytics!

Do I show up? (Alabama) I show up as unknown visitor on my analytics and sitemeter.

Thinking about you during your busy and stressful weeks ahead!