Highs and Lows

Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome to the rollercoaster that is my life.

High: I got a 94 on my Anatomy practical and thus an A in the Anatomy lab, which is awesomely awesome.
Low: Whilst I am done with the Anatomy lab I still have 2 (TWO) regular Anatomy & Physiology tests left to take in the next 8 days.

High: The students in my classes are planning a big shenanigan for my last day at work.
Low: I still have 2 more days at work whilst The Fiance is done for Thanksgiving and gets to fly home tomorrow.

High: I finished going over one of my study guides for my anatomy test tomorrow.
Low: I still have another one to go through and oh yea, have to actually absorb a little of what I read. Which is really no big thing because my study guides are only like, you know, 46 pages typed. Single spaced. I wish I was joking.

High: I only have to get a 46% on my physics final to get an A in the class
Low: I definitely do not know 46% of the material and my will to survive, let alone learn, is waning tremendously.

High: I have someone here who loves me and whom I love tremendously.
Low(s): My head hurts, I'm whiny, I don't want to study, I want to go home and relax a little, I'm having a multitude of cows about the upcoming surgery, I feel so hopelessly out of control of my life, and oh yes, what's that? I have 3 more tests in the next 8 days. I know it seems like I've mentioned it a lot, but truly, I could tell you that a trillion more times and still feel like there is a general lack in understanding of how stessed out I am.

Low: That I let it all get to me this much, and that I can't find the perspective to realize that these problems are not so big.

Low: That I can't think of any more highs.


the queen said...

Those are big problems. Feel bad. Then, feel better.

kim-d said...

The thing I find very concerning right at this moment is this MULTITUDE of cows that you're having. That has to smart a little--OWWWIE! Okay, so I went for the cheap laugh; call it a new low on my part--HA!

I think the first step to feeling better is not minimizing your problems and the way you feel about them. They ARE big problems and you have the right to talk about them, whine about them, obsess about them, stress about them all you want. You can listen to me about this, because I tend to minimize my problems, too--and since I've been around 2x as long as you, I'm giving you the benefit of my experience. Another low for you to add to the list--HA!

The "feel bad then feel better" equation is one that works everytime. And sometimes you feel bad about the same thing many, many times. But each time, the feeling bad is a little less and the feeling better happens quicker. So, that is a thing you will be able to add to the "high" list soon.

See? Better already! I should know; I had the same kinda day. Really, we would have made a great pair today, crying in our root beer or some such. OOPSIES.

OOPSIES. HAHAHA--I just love that!