Big Brother is Taunting You

Friday, November 2, 2007

I use gmail and generally I love it. Except that Google, in one of it's attempts to stick itself into every inch of my computer life, feels a need to put little links all around my emails. It's a little creepy because they use keywords from the emails to make the links, and so often it feels like they're watching me and reading my emails. A girl's gotta have some privacy somewhere.

Last night I was responding to an email from one of the cake companies we're looking at for our wedding cake when I looked up at the google link. It said, "Like Cake? Take the fat quiz!"

And then I died inside just a little bit, because you know what? I do like cake.


kim-d said...

Yeah, I like me some cake, too!!! And I sure as hell don't need a "fat quiz"...I mean, really, I have eyes! I'm thinking, chances are, if you've got to take a quiz to find out if you're fat? You're not. And even if "you" (meaning "me") are fat? Tough. Let them ALL eat cake!

I'm still feverish, so bear with me. But I did put together the title, first line, last line, etc. (which, in my feverish, sickened state, took a while)and all I have to say is...BWAHAHAHA!

Thanks for the laugh...