The Verdict...

Monday, October 1, 2007

Well, the neurologist really didn't know, which is not a surprise considering that I'm literally the first Chiari patient he's seen. He said that the MRI wasn't remarkable in that it doesn't scream that I need surgery, but the increasing neurological problems indicate that it's really the only option and is probably a necessity. As to when it will happen and at who's hand, I cannot begin to say. I have referrals to 2 different neurosurgeons, so hopefully one of them will be competent. One I've seen before and he's a class A jackass, but he's supposedly the best in the state, so again, we'll see.

So the verdict is...we're right where we started and we don't have a timeline for new information yet. But at least no one to my knowledge, other than my mother, thinks that I'm faking the problems anymore!


Anonymous said...

Well, dang. Not really the news we were wanting to hear. Hope you find a doctor you feel you can really but your confidence in!

lace1070 said...

Hi ~ I am a fellow Chiarian who was diagnosed a year ago ~ do as much research as you can ~ seek doctors who understand Chiari and will listen to you! If you can, get an appointment at The Chiari Institute in NY ~

I have a blog to document my journey with my brain tail ~ check it out if you want ~ I have some helpful Chiari links, too ~ Lacie