The only time I wish I had a camera at the gym

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So The Fiance and I were playing racquetball at the gym tonight, which is our new workout routine (I lost like literally 3 pounds, but I think most of it was in the knee skin I left on the floor). The Fiance hit a wildly terrible shot (I love you!) into the only non-sealed off area of the court, which was like a 5 by 5 foot window into the court adjacent to us. He went to get the ball and when he came back he noticed something that must have fallen own from the little window area (which is accessible from the next floor). Wait for it...

A condom wrapper.

And what he didn't see? A USED condom.

He didn't see it, so while I was freaking out in grossness, he told me we had to finish the game before we went and told the front desk to have it removed. Incidentally, whilst I was giving the used condom a 15 foot area of personal space, The Fiance managed to win that game. Weird how that worked, huh?

So, to those of you who feel a need to engage in "other" kinds of cardiovascular exercise, please dispose of the trash in, um, yea, the trash can.

**Doctor's appointment update: neurosurgeon #1 said that whilst he is categorically opposed to doing this surgery, in my case he thinks I would actually benefit from it and I wouldn't have too hard of a time recovering (relatively speaking). So the verdict for consult #1? It's my decision whether or not to have brain surgery. Frick frick frick frick frick.


Anonymous said...

What gym do you go to??? God, I hope it's not mine! But, note to self, throw used condom on ground in want to win racquetball game!!


Anonymous said...

I can't even comment on the condom. Eww.

But the doctor? WTF? A passive-aggressive surgeon? You know who you need to go see, don't you? Dr. McDreamy. He's the best brain surgeon in Seattle.


kim-d said...

Well now, THAT'S a new one. I'm willing to bet that whoever made the "deposit" is a big bragger--"look at me, I'm such a stud I can even score while at the gym." How nice for him. Betcha he throws his socks on the floor, too..hehehe. Two words...EEEEWWW and EEEK! So eloquent!

And I agree with Anna in il~you need McDreamy, beause right now it seems like you have House. The only good thing that I could get out of it is, at least he told you you could benefit from the surgery. At least he gave you a hint. Really pathetic to get excited over that, but it's progress, I guess.

Anonymous said...


The gym story is so funny. I was laughing out loud when you said that you were giving it a 15 foot personal space hahah. Also, wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you on the medical situation!
Take care, Sherri