Oh the sweet sweet irony

Monday, October 1, 2007

I take a lot of pills for a lot of different reasons, so I think it must have been Murphy's Law that determined that I would run out of my daily anxiety med the night before a big neurologist appointment and would then forget to pick up the prescription before the pharmacy closed.

See this way, on the day of said big appointment, not only am I be super-duper anxious, I'm also withdrawing from a medication I've taken daily for 3 years too.


kim-d said...

YAY!!! The fun just never stops :)!

PC said...

Hey K-T. Keeping you in my thoughts. The word verification I am going to have to enter for this to post is icepick...um why do I feel that is fitting.

Lanny said...

Sorry about the meds! I hope the appt goes well otherwise.