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Friday, October 5, 2007

Okay, so maybe I expected a few more people to delurk themselves...whatever, I'm still glad that you're reading and I'm still happy to be here writing. Thanks to the 4 of you that did sign and I'm going to answer your questions now and then go on to other life events and craziness sometime this weekend. Right now I'm riding the high of kicking our rival school's ass in a sporting event that I coached, so I'm not going to try and be funny because I'm just so caught up in being awesome (and humble!)

Q: What are you dressing as for Halloween?
A: No idea. Last year we went as upper and lower GIs (it was a med school party, it worked), so we gotta find something easy and humorous again. I have a few ideas, I like the ones that are plays on words and aren't expensive, but I haven't come up with anything great yet. My best halloween costume of all time was the year I dressed up as grapes and had balloons pinned all over me. It was great.

Q: What is the most interesting place you've ever visited?
A: Meteora, Greece. It's north of Athens and it's got these series of free-standing mountains (like poles made of rock) with Monastaries at the top. Some of them can only be accessed by rope/basket/pulley systems and they're amazing. Crazy-scary high in the air, but amazing nevertheless. I spent a weekend there in Spring 2004. Google it and look at some images, seriously, it's incredible.

Q: What is your favorite holiday?
A: Good question! Thanksgiving is by far my favorite meal of the year, and Christmas is sometimes awesome (and sometimes not). I guess I'd say that I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day because it's all so very romatic. :)

That's it! All the questions. If you want to know more about me, feel free to post a comment and ask one. Otherwise this book is staying closed for now!


kim-d said...

Well, you already know that I want to know all about you, so anything you ever feel like sharing is good to me! For now, two things: 1) YAY on the ass-kickin'! I love me some prevailing over the rival school! Good job, coach :), 2) and even though I know you and The Mr. are way too refined, I think one of the cutest couple Halloween costumes I ever saw was--Her, a brick; Him, a bricklayer. My kind of genius...hehehe.

Sorry I've been so lax on commenting; as you know, I've been busy with my personal growth (she chuckles). Whew! Exhausting and emotional. I know you know! And to read such a caring, thoughtful comment from someone (such as yourself) whose friendship means a lot to me (such as yours). Well, it is much appreciated.

And, in closing, I'm really, really proud of you, too! Even with as scary as some of your "options" have been lately, you're jumping right in there and making appointments and seeing the right people. Even when it would be much easier to just go bury your head in the sand and believe the people who are....ummmm, shall we just say "less than supportive." Even as your head is feeling so bad that it threatens to break off and roll down your arm at any moment, you're doing what you KNOW you need to do. Again, good job!

Have an awesome, relaxing, restful, peaceful, joyful weekend, pal!