Men are from Mars

Friday, October 26, 2007

I remember watching the show "Mad About You" as a kid and boy was it ever funny, just some awesomely classic moments. One of my favorites was the episode in which Hellen Hunt comes into the living room to show Paul Riser how to put toilet paper on the toilet paper hanger really exaggerated-like. I remember laughing out loud because those jokes about how men are lazy were always just so funny.

It was funny, but also, apparently true. Did you know that men are genetically incapable of putting toilet paper on the hanger? Did you? I did not. And I've done the same toilet paper tutorial that Helen Hunt did at least twice, and yet, the toilet paper still sits on top of the hanger until I put it on. This could be days, this could be until the next roll runs out and I finally give in and fix it. I've tried waiting it out, but it really just doesn't seem to bother him.

But my favorite part is that once I finally get tired of not having the toilet paper sitting on top of the hanger and put it on, I then get complaints from him about which direction the toilet paper is rolling.

Wait wait wait. So it's not an inconvenience for you to have to pick up the free-flying roll, hold it in your hand and unravel it to get paper from it, but if the toilet paper is going under the bottom and not over the top we have a crisis on our hands? It's THAT inconvenient to have the toilet paper roll under the bottom? just don't understand.

Just more and more proof that men are truly from Mars, and women are just plain sensible.


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Liz said...

Ditto to Kim.

the queen said...

Every time this MONTH I have walked in to find a used emoty roll on the spindle and a new roll balanced on top of that I have thought, "I must go to YouTube and find that Mad About You clip and blog it!"

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. They beat me to it, but welcome to married life. It don't get better than this. :)

New here. Got here through 20somethings. Hi!