Good Sportsmanship

Sunday, October 28, 2007

So The Fiance and I went to the gym today. He almost talked me out of it, but since we didn't go Friday or yesterday, I held firm in my resolve to be fit and not lie in the comfiness that is my bed. We got there and played racquetball like usual. He killed me the first game (14 to 1) and I may or may not have told him to go, um, vacuum, or something similar to that when he told me not to hit my racquet against a wall. Don't try to stifle my rage, it will not be met with kindness.

About halfway through the second game, a ball came over his head and bounced right in front of me. It was the perfect shot and I was ready to back-hand the shit out of it. I cranked, I swung, I made contact and at the very moment, for some unknown, but surely stupid reason, The Fiance turned around to watch me hit...him in the eye.


It's not so much a black eye as much as a puffy upper eye-lid with blue spots. And in all fairness, usually when a ball is coming at you, you duck, or move or otherwise don't watch the most beautiful backhand I've ever cranked out hit you in the eye.

And not to worry, I'll definitely post pictures if it gets prettier.

(And I will be posting some information regarding my sister later. I just had to share this story first)


kim-d said...

BWAHAHAHAHA, Katie! This entry is perfect in it's hilarious-ness! I was seriously doing the shoulders-bouncing-up-and-down laugh! And I just want you to know that I am very well aware of what "vacuum" looks like when it's whispered...uh-huh, not for nothin' that I've been alive 51 years...hahahaha! In fact, I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm absolutely going to love any of your stories that involve the words "OOPSIES." I AM STEALING THAT WORD, I love it so much! Even though I have no idea what you sound like, I can almost imagine you saying it...TOO FUNNY!

Waiting anxiously for beautiful-eye pix and also for the big word on The Sister. REALLY can't wait for THAT....hehehe.

Lanny said...

Um, am I a really sick person if I find that absolutely hilarious? I hope TF's eye is feeling better soon, though I'd guess it will go through a lovely purple phase first. Eh, at least it's Halloween time!