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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I've been gone since Sunday and I have a lot to say (and something to ask, so skip to the bottom if you want to share an opinion) and I don't think I can do it in any story telling way, so I'm just going to blurt it all out, skipping wildly from subject to subject, because frankly, that's what my life is like right now.

Almost all of Sunday was lost to racquetball and studying. What was I studying for? An Anatomy lab quiz, which, even though I have one every week, always seem to catch me off guard, and my Physics midterm. And when were these? Oh yes, tonight. All of which was made more fun by the fact that my grades for the quarter (at work) were due today too. And I hadn't finished testing, let alone grading, as of Monday morning, hell, as of this morning. In the past day and a half, I have grade over 750 papers, and that's not counting the fact that the test I graded 105 copies of has 3 pages.

So Monday was mostly spent grading, then at a sporting event, then grading, then studying, then watching the end of a freaking awesome football game, then more studying and grading. I don't think I actually got on the computer for anything non-work related at all yesterday. It was absurd and I still was neither finished grading, nor educated in the subjects of my exams as of this morning.

So today I got to work early and did as much as I could as fast as I could. The grading and studying cannot be done simultaneously, and though I've tried to juggle them for the past few days, I decided to buckle down and deal with the grades and then worry about the studying, which was a decision made in large part because my grades were due at noon and my tests were at 6pm and 8pm. So I graded more and in the middle of giving my last test, the doctor who was to be neurosurgeon consult #2 (I've seen him before, he's kind of a douche) called and said that because my neurologist (not neurosurgeon) is going out of town, they want to move my appointment from Friday to tomorrow. Why that needs to happen I don't know, but maybe this means my neurologist will be there so that the neurosurgeon won't walk in, blurt out a 20 word sentence and send me on my way, without EVEN SHAKING MY HAND. But beside that point and more importantly, clearly this office does not realize the amount of obsessing over that appointment that I've put aside for Thursday and Friday morning since I had all this other stuff to do before then. So then I graded and obsessed, because those can be simultaneously done.

And then I went to my lab and took my quiz (85%ish would've been higher but I erased a correct answer and wrote down a wrong one) and then came home and took my Physics midterm (an 85% would be a miracle. Pigs will sooner shoot out of my ass wearing rocket packs than I will have passed that test) and now I'm finally, at 10:40pm, relaxing. I went ahead an called in for the whole morning tomorrow even though I could teach my first class, I just decided I needed to spend some time obsessing, I mean relaxing, so I'm going to and I'm going to enjoy it too.

I'm pretty sure I just spent um, like 6 paragraphs telling you that I graded a lot of papers, blew a physics test and have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I could've saved you so much time.

But anyway, I do want opinions because something happened at this wedding this weekend and I have a feeling about it, a feeling which got me literally yelled at at work on Monday because I'm too uppity for my geographic location. So, in your opinion...

If someone was to get married on the night of a sporting event- a college sporting event, one that is neither a championship nor a playoff game, would it be rude to, oh, I don't know, say, have a small tv in the foyer of the church? Have people checking the score on their cell phone during mass? Have a table to 20 people crowded around that same tv at the reception during the groom/mother dance and screaming wildly in the middle of it when a touchdo- I mean "point" is scored? Or is it just me?

I dunno, I guess if that makes me uppity, I'm pretty okay with it.


PC said...

i believe that is what tivos or dvrs are made for but knowing where you live, it doesn't surprise me that that is what happened. I enjoy sports myself but their is a limit

Liz said...

That is totally rude! If I were the bride, I would be livid! No class people...no class...

Lanny said...

Totally rude. I got married in N.O. and that did NOT happen at my wedding!

Ann Marie said...

UGH.. you have seen my web site. I am totally redneck. and that is soooooo wrong