Dash-point update

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I have a lot to say since I haven't been around in, um, like a week, so it's a dashy update. See that? That's a play on words. Because I'm using dashes AND because I'll be dashing back and forth between topics. I know, you've missed me.

-My sporting season is sorta over, which is awesome. And we had a crazy winning season, which is awesome, since I had no freaking clue what I was doing. And did I mention it's over? Because it is. Hallelujah.

-I hate my job with a burning passion. I'm not sure that's new, but today I actually told a student that if she tipped her desk over and hit her head on the ground I was going to laugh. Oopsies.

-Speaking of oopsies, the car I hit (a black Nissan), suffered no damage and it was a mere scrape whilst I was parking. Ironically since then, I apparently was hit by a white car, as evidenced by the white scratches on my car. Double oopsies. Whatever, it'll come off with some scrubbing. Which we all know I'll never actually do.

-Scheduled neurosurgery. November 27th, yea, I know, a little scary. Freaking out has commenced.

-I'd like to declare emancipation from my sister. Which is interesting since she's decided that she's coming out here for the surgical recovery. Coming here. Staying here. With me. And the first time she opens her mouth and says, "this would never have happened if we were in (insert "big" city here)" or a derivative therein, I'm going to punch her in the face. If it sets me back in recovery, then fine, but it has to be done.

-Our scale is remarkably broken. Yesterday I stepped on it and then stepped off, stepped back on and in those 5 seconds I gained 5.2 pounds. I also weighed 6 pounds more at home than at the gym. I don't understand it, but I really feel like I need to work out now.

-It's cold as hell here. Like the high yesterday was 61*. It rained 7 inches on Monday and then got hella-freaking cold Tuesday and today. California needs water like you will never know, and we, who need a draught, got 7 inches.

-I had an anatomy practical yesterday, which was not awesome, but it's over with. Hooray.

=I think I'm done. I should be more around some more now, but no promises.


kim-d said...

Oh Katie, this was SO WORTH WAITING FOR. And I just have to say for once and for all.."OOPSIES"? I love it with a passion, and I AM stealing it. That is hilarious and makes me laugh everytime! About The Sister showing up post-surgery? Look out, I think she may be trying to do you in; really, I do not trust her intentions. Let me know if you need somebody named Guido. Which is just a joke! And don't commence with the freaking out TOO MUCH...although I know you will. I have faith in your decision, and I really have faith that this is going to help you immensely. And you do have tons of support from all of us, your friends-you've-never-met-but-who-really-love-you-a-lot-anyway. On the other hand, sometimes ya just gotta have a good freak-out and I can join you for several in between now and 11/27, if you wish. Hey, always here for ya! HA!

Have a good day, Katie--I'm not feelin' the love for my place of employment so much, either...

M said...

...please post if the desk actually tips and you do laugh...sometimes those little things are what make teaching worth it....(just kidding of course!)