The worst commercial

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Okay, I've seen perhaps the worst commercial ever, I don't think it's local, so maybe you've seen it too.

The whole commercial centers around this guy. Very average looking, seems normalish. First you see him showering in a sprinkler. And he starts blowing dry his hair in a leaf blower (side note: do a lot of men blow dry their hair?). Then he's shaving his face in someone else's car mirror, then gets a paper delivered by paper-boy on the street, which he takes into a port-o-let on the street for a read/defecation. Then after a few other odd daily events you see him and his wife lie down together on a mattress in a department store. Like they're testing out the mattress. The commercial is cute and clever...when you're operating under the assumption that it's about something funny.

And then the line "What would you do if your home burned down?" flashes across the screen

I'm glad to know that it's now PC to make jokes about people who are homeless from disasters like that. I've really been holding back jokes in that category. I mean, why make fun of my own life when I can totally make fun of someone else's? Sucka!

I'm waiting for them to come out with the next commercial where people are drinking out of used paper cups and eating off of slabs of rock they found on the ground because all their home collapsed in an earthquake. Or the one about how people have kickboard-briefcases after a tsunami to get to work more easily.

Fun AND tactful.