The Wedding Diet Cometh

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Fiance and I are readying ourselves to go to the gym for the THIRD day this week. Yea, that's right, 3 days out of the last 4, we've been at the gym, hitting it like it's hot.

And yes, I do want a cookie.


Anonymous said...

Quite impressive!! Wish some of that would wear off on me.

kim-d said...

Hitting it like it's hot? Okay, I like that saying very much. But I will admit that my mind-that-naturally-veers-toward-the-gutter thinks it really SHOULD NOT have anything to do with the GYM, for crying out loud! I will not elaborate further as I do not want to be responsible for contributing to your loss of innocence, even from afar. But, on the other hand, what are friends for if not to drag others down with them :).

In closing, I SINCERELY hope you and The Mr. have a good time, hittin' it like it's hot. MWAHAHAHA!

Love ya, Katie...don't forget to give me the stuffed shells recipe, K? Thanks! :) Oh, and I'm not sharing the shrimp/red beans/rice. THAT'S gonna be ALL FOR ME!

Anonymous said...

Please sure your secret! How do you do it all? And study? And teach? And feel like CACA DODO? I did it for I while but there was way too much CACA DODO and I crashed, burned, slipped and fell into that pile of CACADODO. Kidding aside, Katie, you are doing great. I am on medical disability. We have many similar issues and I would so love to play the question/answer game with you. I think we could really help each other with everything we have been thorough, tried, failed, laughed it, etc. I swear some of these doctors must really be dumb or I am even sicker than I am. I am taking medical terminology and have been pretty sick these past few weeks: weather related sinus' stuff, etc. So after he knocked, announced him self (which I kindly damn and I thought George Cloony was coming) he asked what new symptoms was I experiencing I proudly told him rhinorrhea and hyperemesis. He smiles, closes my chart, steps out the room and returns with Nasacort and an emesis basin (now come on I produce a lot more vomit in good Blahhhhhh to fill two containers---sorry TMI). We then finished the appointment.

Katie my point is after all the BS preceding it. You are doing great. Keep up the great work and drop me an email some time. I will send you my email separately. Gentle Hugs, Jodi