The one where we get really personal

Saturday, September 1, 2007

You may or may not know that I have recurrent Urinary Tract Infections. If you didn't, well, welcome to my super personal hell. If you did, well, we're going to talk some more about it.

So I met with a new! primary care physician yesterday who was appalled at the fact that I've had 5 infections in 4 months and said that I need to see a urologist. She also mentioned that said urologist will most likely want to do a cystoscopy. Since she said that word and I made the connection between urologist, oscopy and my urethra, I have been unable to think of peeing without intense pain (possibly because I'm pretty sure I have another UTI). I'm sorry, who the hell invented this procedure? A TUBE goes in the urethra? That is exclusively an "out" hole and even then it's only for liquids. Very small, non-tubular liquids.

What I find to be even more disturbing is that they do this to you while fully conscious *unless* you are a man. The Fiance argues it's because there's a much greater distance for the tube to travel to get to the bladder, I insist that it's because they, much like their urinary tract system, are big weenies.

Sorry, juvenile I realize, but seriously, I'm sitting in the middle of my house in the middle of an intense lightning storm thinking about cytoscopies. Cut a girl some slack. And some Xanax please.


Anonymous said...

Really, a cystoscopy is nothing, they put a bit of topical numbing gel on the outside of the urethra, and then slide the FLEXIBLE tube in, it is not as bad as having a urinary catheter put in. The movement of the tube pushes the gel up the urethra and it just feels like there is something stuck up there, not pain, not even discomfort, just something up there.

I will tell you this, if you stress over this, you are going to really cause yourself all the side effects possible, the spasming will be worse, etc.

I just had some GYN surgery this week, and for the first time, I went into it positively, KNOWING that this was going to help, looking at it in a good way, because really, you are gonna have to deal no matter what it is, so I will tell you what I told myself, and NO offense meant. Buck up, suck it up and get a stiff upper lip and let it go. You are not in control here, and if you want to stop the issues you are having, you have to not whine, just DO what you need to. It helps, really. (Not ragging on you, this is what I told myself and it HELPED.)

So when you get that fear thing going about a tube, pain blah blah, tell yourself you CAN do this, you will do this and you are willing to do anything possible to make yourself well.

There are a lot of worse things than a tube, gel and a stranger looking at your bladder!

Try it, it works.


Anonymous said...

Allie is right. Do not work yourself into a panic about a cystoscopy. I have had two and there was NO PAIN. The pain and discomfort you seem to experience with your UTIs is much worse than the very mild discomfort from a cystoscopy. If you can find the reason for so many UTI's and get them taken care of it will be WELL WORTH IT.