One of them days

Monday, September 3, 2007

Ever have one of those days where you're just crabby for no good reason? Where everyone is suddenly doing things that make you want to jab forks into your ears and rolls your eyes so hard they'd fall out of your head? Or like the simplest task has suddenly morphed into a rubix cube of complexity and no one can line up the colors and WHY CAN'T WE LINE UP THE DAMNED COLORS?

Me neither.


kim-d said...

Hhhmmmmm...a little out of sorts, perhaps? Yeah, I'm nothing if not perceptive! First, I must say--step away from the Rubix cube; put it down and just step away! Next, lock yourself up in your room with Gilmore Girls DVDs. Watch until you fall asleep. Nap til your heart is content. Have somebody slide food under the door. There. All better.

Too bad it's not that easy, huh? Hopefully the out-of-sorts-ness will pass quickly.

Lanny said...

I call those my "Bite Me Days."

I hope tomorrow is better!