Hold me.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Urologist says it's necessary at some point in the very near future, to stick a tube in my urethra. Excuse me whilst I cry in the corner. I have a reasonably high tolerance for pain, I just have a doubly high anxiety level and frankly, I don't like having tubes put in me. And seriously, this is a urethra. It's an out hole FOR FLUIDS.

And he said they may want to stretch things inside there.

Um, excuse me?

We're talking about my bladder and my urethra, there aint gonna be no stretching of anything, you hear?

Now, what was that about sedation? Valium? Why yes, I'll take 1000.


PC said...

Did he do that today or ishe scheduling it?

Overflowing Brain said...

I didn't even actually schedule it yet Pam, but I read that and realized how ambiguous it was, thanks for cluing me in. Hopefully it's a little better now.

They have to make sure the urine culture comes back normal so I'll get to call to schedule it on Wednesday. Yiiiiikes.

PC said...

Ok. Feel free to emal, im me or you can call me(but no crank calling now lol) bc i have had that nice procedure multiple times. Just bc if it were me i would be cursing the doc everytime I peed even on some strong pain meds afterwards i would see if he is leaving in a stint(also bc if he dilates and doesn't put one in...dont worry they get taken back out after a couple of weeks but dont hurt coming out...you most likely will be back where you started). Maybe you could hire my grandfather to pretend he is your driver bc the fact he is driving at all let alone in N.O. iis worse than katie drugged up and driving rotfl.

Lanny said...

I was knocked out for mine. Any chance he'll knock you out? I didn't even realize they didn't knock everyone out until I read your last post about it. Yikes!

Good luck! It's worth it to have fewer (or no!) infections!

PC said...

i was too cept for the one done by the 1st idiot who didt even tell anyonne he put a stint in and scotch taped it tomy le.

Ann Marie said...


Sweetheart.. you need more than valium.
Want a tip.. go in there freak out completely which it doesnt' seem you will be far from anyway and they will knock you out... or at least give you enough that you will think you are knocked out.
This is NOT a procedure you want to remember.

kim-d said...

Oh my word, Katie-the-Cutie. NO, NO, NO. Yet ANOTHER "exit only." I was supposed to have this procedure once when I was going to a doctor who would always start out with the worst-case scenario. You pee a lot? Oh, you must have bladder cancer. WHAT? Fortunately for me, I had a yeast infection when I was supposed to have it done, so that ended that and I never went back. No ma'am, no thank you. And I'm guessing it wasn't bladder cancer :)!

MAKE them knock you out. I agree...if you have a male doctor, cry hysterically. He will do whatever you want to make you stop. HA! Seriously, it'll be fine. But still...ohhhh, BIG HUG!

Liz said...

Oh you poor thing!