Em Are Eye

Monday, September 24, 2007

Technition: "You were the easiest patient I've ever dealt with."

Me: "Really?" (thinks to self: can I get that in writing?)

Technition: "Absolutely, though we did have to tie down the last two patients, so maybe I'm a little partial. You did jerk your head once and I was going to tell you to keep your head still, but then I heard you snore and realized that it wouldn't do any good to tell you anything, so I just re-did that test."


Ann Marie said...

I would never get that title.. I punched a nurse once who was trying to stick me with a needle .. I had to be held down to be numbed for stitches.. and I threatened an entire ER that if they didn't let me up off of the bed to go to the bathroom I was going to start screaming.. just plain screaming... and not the yelling I was doing.

They let me up.. and on the way to the bathroom I was handed a wash rag and told to wash the blood off of me while I was in there.

Oh... I was sober during those incidents.

PC said...

I am for you on the snoozing deal k=t.. They tool my life savers away i had with me for some reason bc i couldnt keep my eyes open.

Anonymous said...

I've only had 1 MRI and it was of my uterus, so I didn't get the full effect of having to be inside the thing. Good Rx, though, if I ever do need my head stuffed in there, too.

Good for you!