The conversation that wasn't

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

At the neurologist last week:

Dr. F- "So, now remind me, have you gotten pregnant since the last time I saw you?"

Me- "Definitely not."

Dr. F- "Really, are you sure?"

Me- "Yea, I'm pretty sure" (side note: last time I saw him was like May, so either it was a terribly tragic imaginary pregnancy or I'd still be knocked up with said imaginary pregnancy, which I'm not).

Dr. F- "Oh wait...this isn't your chart."

Please please let him be the one who operates on my brain.


kim-d said...

Now that, my dear friend, is a confidence-inspiring conversation and experience! Yes, he would definitely be the one I'd want cutting into MY uterus...oh wait, wrong part...umm, could I have the skull drill please...Oh, lord.

Ann Marie said...

WOW... what a MORON. that is scary scary scary.. please tell me it was a joke!!!

PC said...

That sounds like this idiot i saw for s consult last Fri on my leg...
Dr. I-"Oh your pain has gotten much better since you were in the hospital" as he examines my leg/hip
me-"Ahh bc you are pressing on the wrong side"
dr. I-"oh"
me-"ahh am having constant bowel movements, severe nausea and no appitite on these 2 antibiotics and these blstered sore spots from the hospital dressing on my lne arent healing"
Dr. I-"i dont have time for your side effect complaints"
me-"well the warning info that comes with the 2 meds say tell your doc asap if you have frequent bowel movements."
Dr I-"I dot you I dont have time for your side effect complaints."
A minute later he says but we'll make sure that infection goes away..
He and your doc must be related.