A typical conversation

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Me: "Oh and today at work during library orientation we wer-"

The Fiance: "LIBRARY ORIENTATION?!? That sounds like they took the world's 2 most boring things and put them together. The only thing that could make that worse was if it was run by a nun."

Me: "Um...well...um she wasn't wearing a habit this time..."


PC said...
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kim-d said...

HAHAHA! No wonder you're so confused you can't speak! LIBRARY ORIENTATION? Really? It's come down to this now? People have to be orientated in the use of a library? On the other hand, I guess it shouldn't be that surprising, given the number of people who can't read--so maybe orientating people on the use of a library is a good thing? OY! (I'm sure the nuns would love that expression--HA!).

Pam--good luck on getting Katie back over there; if you manage to do it, give me your secret! HAHA!

Just kidding, Kate--I love ya, too!