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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Today has been a particularly bad day for people in my area. No one is helping themselves much, and it seems as though everyone is unaware of their errors. So consider this an open letter to the people in Los Angeles.

1. If your sign says "open 8am-5pm" it indicates to people that you're open from 8 to 5. So if it really means 8 to when we decide to quit, that's very different and ought to be specified. I arrived promptly at 4:30 for an oil change and was told that the earliest I could get it done was tomorrow, which is mind boggling to me because I was there thirty minutes before the shop closed. Furthermore, the man had the audacity to lecture me on my plan to go to Jiffy Lube because he said you shouldn't go to that kind of place. Hi, um, you won't change my oil and therefore your opinion is officially null. Let me go throw my money at someone else.

2. If I say that I do not want you to change my air filters unless they're severely damaged and are directly responsible for blowing air that's going to damage my lungs, that does not give you license to replace ALL of them without asking. SERIOUSLY? Because I wanted to pay EIGHTY dollars to get my oil changed. Because that's totally reasonable.

3. If you are homeless and smell bad and are confined to a wheelchair and you want people's sympathy, flipping them off IS NOT THE WAY TO GET IT. It's just not. I'm sorry sir, I'm not going to give you money, not because I'm not sympathetic, but because you're an ass.

4. If you made a mistake and accidentally got in the left turn lane at a protected left turn light, the proper thing to do is NOT to block the intersection so that when the regular forward light turns green you can gun across the intersection while those of us behind you ARE FREAKING STUCK THERE. It's just not. You need to own up to your mistake if you wish to continue to be the be the proud owner of the back end of your car.

So perhaps I need anger management therapy, but I think I'll be fine when I leave here, which, did I mention? will be tomorrow? Oh I have mentioned that? Weird.


Lanny said...

Oh my goodness, I despise when stores don't keep their posted hours. What exactly is supposed to make me want to spend money in your store when you can't even stay open for me to shop!?!

Have a safe trip home. It was my home once upon a time too! :)

kim-d said...

Katie, I just love your open "tip" posts. It's SO true! And as I'm reading, it feels good to know I'm not the only one on the road, mumbling to myself about how stupid people are (at best), and every now and then swearing prolifically and feeling rather road-rage-ish (at worst) but, of course, not gesturing, honking, flipping anybody off or even looking at them cause I would be the one to get shot. So, have a good drive home--HAHA!

No, really--do have a good drive home, be safe, and please communicate as soon as you get there so we'll know you made it in one piece. At least it's not back in the "old days" when I would tell you to call as soon as you got home, let it ring once and hang up. Then I would know it was you, you were home, and you wouldn't have to pay for a long-distance call. Frugal family I came from--actually, downright poor at times! But, of course, me being me, every now and then I'd just have to mix it up and stay on the phone and talk instead of hanging up after the one ring. Yup, life in the fast lane.

Say hi to The Mr. and The Kitty for me.