A recap of the awesomeness of today...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I awoke at 7:30 by alarm, because I really must get on this time zone. I was up until almost 1 last night for no reason other than that I just couldn't fall asleep. At 9:15, just before I left for my 9:30 haircut, I checked my bank balance because it's the end of the month for me and I was trying to determine which account to use. Much to my dismay, I was overdrawn by 53 dollars. OVERDRAWN. See, I deposited a big big chunk of money yesterday, big chunk, but I was careful not to take out more than the "available" amount. But this bank statement indicated that I had deposited the check and then withdrawn it later in the day, which, um, I did not.

So as I was driving to my haircut, I called the bank. I spoke with someone in God only knows what state or even country, who couldn't figure out what was going on. In the middle of trying to figure all that out, my call waiting came on and I ignored it, which proved to be a big error. Finally, at 9:29 I told the bank I'd call them back.

I walked in the salon at precisely 9:30, only to find out that my appointment was at 9. Though, it was their mistake because they sent an email with the wrong time on it. They scheduled me for someone else at 10, which was cutting it close for the 11:30 doctor's appointment. I waited in the salon for 30 minutes and first I called the bank back, only this time I called the branch I was having trouble with. It turns out my boss forgot to sign my check. What are the freaking chances? ARG. So I called my work and they're fed-exing a new check that is the original amount, plus the 53 dollars I overdrew my account by.

As soon as I hung up the phone with them, the pharmacy called. The med I wanted to refill was ready, but my insurance expired, and did I want to pay for it out of pocket? I inquired as to the cost of it and nearly threw up when they told me it would be NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Um, no, I'll go find my new insurance cards, thankyouverymuch.

So I got my haircut (a good cut, and she usually charges 55, but I got it for my regular price, 35, since it was the salon's fault), and got on the way to the doctor's appointment, with my new insurance cards. The doctor's appointment was a total joke. He didn't examine me, told me that my urinalysis was "mostly negative" which is interesting because you'd think after 5 days of 1000mg daily Cipro, it'd be all gone. But nevertheless he wrote me a new prescription and said, as usual, they'd do a culture, which if the Cipro is doing anything, will come back negative and then he'll chalk this up to another situation where I'm faking something for drugs. Because who doesn't like antibiotics that make you feel like your stomach is rotting and which keep you up all freaking night? Apparently not me.

Then I went to work, which was fine. Then to the pharmacy, where with my new insurance cards, I got my prescription for 5 dollars. Yep, you read that right, a 900 dollar prescription for 5 bucks. I know I'm lucky, but lest you're jealous, know that I pay a HUGE amount of money for my insurance because I'm not terribly insurable.

That was today in a nutshell. I'm still feeling like crap, I was able to transfer some money into my bank account so I now have 22 dollars at my disposal, I have prescriptions and I'm on the hunt for a new doctor. If you happen to live in the New Orleans area and have a primary care physician who actually speaks to you and examines you when you're ill, please please please either leave a comment here or email me here: kt.irvin@gmail.com because frankly, I need some help here before my kidneys really quit.

Tomorrow? Work from 8:30 to 3:30, SportthatImoderate Practice 3:45 to 5:45. Restful indeed.

Addendum: had big fight with sister. Un-invited her to the wedding and every other event in my life.


kim-d said...

Oh no. Do you really mean it, or will this eventually pass? The sister thing, I mean...

Ya know, really, all that can be said about days like the one you just had is that they BITE. Big time. In my estimation, the only thing that can be done is to stare blankly at the TV screen which is playing a mindless show, then toddle off to bed, unless you can do the ultimate staring-blankly-at TV-while-in-bed, secure in the knowledge that tomorrow HAS to be a better day.

At least you're several thousand miles away from your sis. Which is just me trying to get a chuckle out of you, NOT meaning anything bad about your family. Really, Katie, tomorrow will be better.