No words.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'd like to say something witty about this but frankly, I think it says absolutely everything all on it's own. Except that maybe you should know that I look just like an Aye-aye every morning before I do my hair and put on makeup.

(and yes, I copied this link from dooce. But it just cracked me up. Literally, into hundreds of pieces, it's that good.)


kim-d said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so very sorry for you! But not to worry, I'll still be your friend. Because if you scroll down just a little bit to the Blobfish? That's pretty much me on a good day. Add in a little Platypus to the Blobfish and that's a not-so-good day, usually a Tuesday :). That poor little Aye-Aye character sort of reminded me of what JKR must have had in mind when she created Dobbie the House Elf in the earlier Harry Potter books.

So, can I assume that after you've been through hair and make-up you look more like the Tarsier? If so, you must share your make-up secrets for getting the big-eyed look. This Blobfish could use it!


PC said...

i am not going to even say anything bc I dont want to admit anything rotfl.