No words.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'd like to say something witty about this but frankly, I think it says absolutely everything all on it's own. Except that maybe you should know that I look just like an Aye-aye every morning before I do my hair and put on makeup.

(and yes, I copied this link from dooce. But it just cracked me up. Literally, into hundreds of pieces, it's that good.)


kim said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so very sorry for you! But not to worry, I'll still be your friend. Because if you scroll down just a little bit to the Blobfish? That's pretty much me on a good day. Add in a little Platypus to the Blobfish and that's a not-so-good day, usually a Tuesday :). That poor little Aye-Aye character sort of reminded me of what JKR must have had in mind when she created Dobbie the House Elf in the earlier Harry Potter books.

So, can I assume that after you've been through hair and make-up you look more like the Tarsier? If so, you must share your make-up secrets for getting the big-eyed look. This Blobfish could use it!


pam said...

i am not going to even say anything bc I dont want to admit anything rotfl.