Monday, August 27, 2007

I was reading over at Lanny's site (see the blogs on the right? She's on there, click and read) and found myself tagged to share my most embarrassing moment, which was actually exactly what I was planning on posting about anyway, so I figured, what the hell? 2 birds, 1 stone.

This particular instance was just last week and it may not actually be the most embarrassing moment ever, but it's high on my list, though this is one of the few where I didn't do anything stupid to cause the negative attention.

See, I teach the youngest grade at our school and each year that grade has an evening retreat where the students play games and their parents meet with the principal/president and discuss various things. After the meeting and game playing we come together for mass (yes, it is a parochial school, which narrows it down to, um, all the schools in this city) and this year they decided to introduce all the teachers to all the parents. So the president calls us down, and keep in mind this is my boss, she runs the school, she hired me, she's in charge.

She starts naming people as they walk across and on the person in front of me, she misspoke and called her the wrong name and then she got to me, and had this horrible look on her face. There was a moment of silence before she finally said, INTO THE MICROPHONE, "who are you?"

Nevermind that I've worked here for over a year and that all my students' parents are sitting out there, she did not know who I was and made no attempt to pretend like she did. One of the other teachesr turned around and told her my name and she says, "oh yea, Katie" as if there's no reason that it's important to say my name. All the other teachers got applause from the kids/parents, I got a half-assed introduction with no time for anyone to do anything other than gasp at the awkwardness. I wanted to crawl out of my skin, smother her to death and then die in a small hole.

Seriously, I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty pissed. Because I definitely wouldn't have stayed at work for 12 hours that day if she wasn't going to notice me let alone KNOW MY NAME even if she did realize I wasn't there. Who's she gonna fire for that?

p.s. did I mention they also forgot to make me a faculty ID card? No? Perhaps it's because I'm forgettable, I mean, because I forgot.


kim-d said...

How freakin' rude. In my humble opinion, however, you aren't the one that should be embarrassed or mortified. Pissed? Hell yeah. Old Whozzit is the one who should be embarrassed and mortified, not to mention apologetic--into the microphone, in front of the same group that was there at the retreat. I'm not forseeing a whole lot more of those 12 hour days for good old Who Are You...

On a brighter note, Lanny posted a pic of Linus--you have to go see her. Brains AND beauty. Precious, too! It will make you smile and forget all about old What's-Her-Face.


Lanny said...

Katie, I tried to think of a positive spin, but you know what? It doesn't matter if I try to give her the benefit of the doubt or not, I'd be pissed! I'm shocked that she didn't at least try to fumble a lame "oh goodness, that threw me off " when she made the mistake with the teacher in front of you. Really there'd be no excuse even if this was your first year there. She should know her faculty. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, especially after a long day!

I hope this week brings better days (even if tomorrow is your dreaded Tuesday!).

Again, I'm sorry!