Foot --> Mouth

Friday, August 31, 2007

So I was at a parent's meeting last week for parents of athletes are our school. I had just selected my team that afternoon and didn't anticipate many parents, but was surprised to see a handfull of them there. So after all the official stuff one of the parents came up to me and asked me what year my daughter was (as in, what year of hiiiiigh school). I told her that I didn't have a daughter and she insisted, no YOUR DAUGHTER, as if saying it louder and clearer was going to change the fact that I don't have any kids. I finally got the point across to her that I was not a mother and she explained that she knew that one of the coaches had a daughter at this school and I looked like the oldest of the three coaches. Um, HELLO. That is just not kind. And for the record, I'm the youngest coach! The one who's daughter is in 8th grade (which would've made me um 10 1/2 when I had her by the way) is 45 years old. Yea, um, no offense taken, just don't expect your daughter to get much playing time.

But with all things, there was a give and take.

10 minutes later I met with another parent who I didn't know was a parent. I knew we had at least one if not two sisters of players at the meeting so I assumed she was a sister. When she corrected me I embarrassed-ly blurted out, "Wow, you must have been 14 when you had her!" She looked at me and said, "No honey, I was 16."

Hello foot, come hither, my mouth is so so lonely.


kim-d said...

Awww, man! On both counts! And I am so happy about your new doc; that is awesomely awesome--just like you, kiddo!