Beans beans the magical food...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have witnessed something amazing. Did you know (I'm sure you didn't) that if you leave a pot of red beans (no rice) on the counter on a Tuesday night at around 8 and forget to refrigerate it, that by Thursday night, it will have mold growing? Yea, me neither. And not just a little mold either.

But the bigger miracle is that over the course of the past 2 days I was the ONLY person in this house capable of doing anything about it (granted The Fiance has yet to come home at all today, so it's not his fault). It's especially incredible when you take into account the fact that with friends who are staying for a few days that we currently have 5 people in this house.

I wonder how many people looked into the pot and thought to themselves, "I wonder if she's going to reheat these later?" and then put the lid on and left them there. I also wonder if I slipped and fell onto the floor and couldn't get up, how many days I'd suffer there before someone accidentally got caught tripping over me and had to help me up.


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to be more grossed out by the two-day bean rule or concerned for your safety! Yipes!

PC said...

Hi Katie...sounds yummy. Thanks for the gb didnt have to come by(I still feel a bit bad about the other day) but I appreciate it(I can't spell this am as they just gave me pain meds). I hate being in the hospital but I hate even more the idiot hospitalists as my local hospital who missed the infection in my back/hip/pelvis joint last month so luckily my family doc finally got tired of them messing around and ordred an MRI and found it...grrr. The kitties send love.