The (top) 36 ways I love you.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Today (7/9/07) is The Fiance and my 3 year anniversary. So without further ado, here are the top 36 ways/reasons (one for each month we've been together) that I love him.

36. I love that the first time I met you you were wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt. Because for a long time, those were pretty much my favorite movies ever.

35. I love that you love Nintendo, and you support my love of it, that's one of the ways I first knew we were made for each other. The fact that my ringtone on your phone is Mario Brothers makes my heart happy.

34. I love that you have almost all the animated Disney movies ever made. It balances out the extensive Zombie movie collection.

33. I love that you don't make me watch any of the Zombie movies.

32. I love your sense of humor. I know that so much of my life will be spend laughing with and at you.

31. I love that my head fits perfectly on your chest, like it was meant to be there. And that you almost never complain when my earring carves out a third nipple.

30. I love that you run interference with your parents. Your life would probably be less stressful if you didn't, but I love you for doing it.

29. I love how much you have embraced my family, and how much you tolerate from them. I promise that if my aunt says that you're not a real Jew again that we'll just accidentally leave her off the wedding list.

28. I love that you know every word and dance move to the song Ninja Rap (by Vanilla Ice).

27. I love that you read all the booklets. Especially because then I don't have to.

26. I love how much you love the cat (happy birthday to Karma!). You were right that it was a horrible time to get a cat, but I love that you love her in spite of my stupidity/stubbornness.

25. I love that you're not good at miniature golf. It makes me feel better about myself. Especially since you can hand me my ass at bowling, scrabble (with your no cheating rules) and almost every video game we own.

24. I love that you're a good sport and that you're willing to try new things. And that you're an amazing tango-er.

23. I love that you download all the tv shows I watch and save them for me.

22. I love that you never complain about how I underspice and overcook almost everything I cook.

21. I love that you're still reading this, because a lot of people would've given up by now.

20. I love that you never gave up on me, because a lot of people have.

19. I love that you keep me grounded. Because people as magnificently beautiful and intelligent as me often lose perspective.

18. I love that you make the phone calls I'm unwilling or unable to make. That you're willing to deal with stupid people for me.

17. I love that you've never criticized my appearance. When I was overweight, underweight and normal weight. When I hadn't showered in several days, when I hadn't run a brush through my hair in a week or put in my contacts for a fortnight, you still looked at me like I was something beautiful and special.

16. I love that you know what I like and you take the time to remember it.

15. I love that you let me pick out your clothes and that even though you don't like your hair short, you still get it cut that way.

14. I love that whenever I talk, you actually listen. This is a skill I'm working on.

13. I love that you vacuum the stairs and take out the trash. My life is made infinitely easier by not having to deal with garbage.

12. I love that you notice things and want to see new things. The fact that you are interested in my new clothes or my hair style is an extra awesome thing.

11. I love that you let me do stupid things that I'm hell-bent on doing (such as hiring a locksmith instead of driving to your sister's house for a key). It almost never works out well for me, but I appreciate that you respect my desires, no matter how stupid they may be.

10. I love how gentle you are. And not just with me, with all people. And not just physically, but also emotionally.

9. I love your eyes. I could get lost in them for days. I hope our children look just like you.

8. I love how you make me a part of your decisions. Knowing that my opinion and feelings matter is one of the greatest signs of respect for me.

7. I love that you love surprises. Someday I will learn to love them too.

6. I love that you want to get married, I feel so blessed that it's to me.

5. I love that you never stop caring. Even when I push you away and don't let you in, you don't give up. That perseverance is what holds us together. It's the glue, and you've taught me a whole new level of compassion.

4. I love how romantic you are. The fact that I got proposed to twice, (both times with you on one knee in an elaborately planned surprise) makes my heart flutter with happiness. Some people don't ever get that and I got it twice.

3. I love how incredibly intelligent you are. I can't wait to see all the incredible things you will accomplish. I know that you are capable of so much and it's just awesome to get to see it all unfold.

2. I love how supportive you are. You are my best friend and my biggest fan. You make me feel special all the time, even when I'm hardly even ordinary.

1. I love how happy you make me. As I was writing a note in the card I sent you (which depending upon New Orleans mail should make it there in 6-8 weeks) I wrote down the word "wife," and as the letters stared up at me on the card, I felt the most amazing feeling of happiness because I realized that I absolutely cannot wait to be your wife. Nothing in the universe is, or ever could be better than that.


kim-d said...

Awwww, this is an incredibly beautiful post, and I'm so happy you shared it. This is just as it should be, and I foresee a happy, happy, happy future for the two of you! You just never go wrong when you marry your very best friend in the world. And I'm here to tell you this--the intensity of your love for him now? It gets even MORE SO once you are his wife. It's hard to believe, I know, but it's true. You will go through some tough, hard times as all couples do, but your love and that he's your best friend will see you through all of that! I am so happy that you have this with The Mr., Katie; you are a person that I consider to be a dear friend, and I couldn't wish for more for you! Happy Anniversary, you two!!!